Ever notice your dog trying to hide or bury their toys or bones? Whether it be under a blanket on your bed or in a hole they dug in the backyard, dogs have a pretty good reason for this behavior!

dog in sand

Let's take a look at our dogs' ancestors - for wild dogs, food was usually hard to come by. And even if they found a filling meal, they had to compete with the rest of their pack and other animals to keep what was theirs. So being the intelligent animals that dogs are, they would bury their kill and save it for later - just incase food was sparse and they needed a quick meal.

Dog caller

Our dogs know that all they really need to get a snack nowadays is to give us those irresistible puppy eyes, but that ancestral behavior is imprinted into their brain!

dog digging the sand

Your dog's need to dig may also come from their breed - small breeds like Dachshunds, Beagles, Basset Hounds and Miniature Schnauzers were bred to chase and hunt for small game, which makes them excellent diggers and gives them a high drive to search for things.

Dog caller

Digging and burying may also be linked to boredom. Like us, when dogs have nothing to do, they start looking for ways to entertain themselves. While we may find enjoyment in binge watching a new TV series or going for a bike ride, dogs may take to digging if left to their own devices. You can prevent this behavior by making sure your dog is well exercised and by providing them with mentally stimulating games, such as these.