Do you ever notice that your dog goes a bit crazy after taking a bath? If you have, you should know that you’re not alone. Fortunately, we haven’t seen another dog owner who hasn’t been through the same phase. But why do dogs go crazy after getting a bath? What really gives them "zoomies"?

Why Do Dogs Get The Zoomies After A Bath?

What Causes Your Dog to go Hysterical After a Bath?

Every dog owner has witnessed once or twice, their dogs getting hysterical after getting a bath. We may call it hysterics, but it’s the feeling of freedom after that bath that causes them to get so excited. Most dogs experience a temporary moment of insanity as soon as you let them go. While some persons find this moment frightening, others enjoy it.

At this moment, your dog may run around the house, trying to rub himself on anything in sight while looking like a maniac. One popular name for this reaction is called zoomies. However, there are other names, such as FRAPS (frantic random activity periods) and rips.

The truth is, most dogs hate taking a bath and the reason they react the way they do is that they’re glad that the experience is finally over. After a bath, your dog will start running around to release their pent-up energy.

Are the Zoomies More Than Just a Release?

While it seems your dog goes crazy after they take a bath, relief isn’t the only reason why they do it. Here are some other reasons why your dog becomes a maniac after their bath.

After Bath Relief

It doesn’t matter if your dog seems to love the water, they’re a great chance that when it comes to bath time he’s not too fond of it. There’s just something about bath time that makes dogs go crazy. Dogs may love to go into lakes, mud, sprinkler and rivers, but when it’s bath time, they’re not so happy.

One way to ease your dog’s anxiety is to make bath time as calming and easy as possible. When taking a bath, most dogs feel stressed. While they will allow it to happen, it’s not something they enjoy doing. That’s why when you’re finished bathing them, they jump from the tub into freedom.

With that feeling of freedom comes a burst of excitement, hence their response.

They’re Trying to Dry Them self

They’re Trying to Dry Them self

Unless you’re a drying professional, your dog will still be damp after you bathe and dry them. Like most dog owners, you have gotten soaked once or twice after giving them a bath. It doesn’t matter how many towels you use afterward, their hair will still be damp.

If you notice your dog rolling around on the floor after their bath, he’s only trying to dry itself. Dogs also tend to dry themselves after getting caught in the rain.

They’re Trying to Get Rid of Water Trapped in Their Ears

Your dog might look like he’s going crazy when water gets trapped in his ears. If you notice your dog trying to bury his head into a towel or your carpet, it’s because he’s trying to get rid of the water in his ears.

Dogs tend to get a lot of water in their ears whether they’re taking a bath or because outside playing in the rain because their ears are upright. One way to help them with this problem is to take a dry, soft towel and pat their ears gently.

They’re Trying to Get Back Their Original Smell

While you may like the smell of your dog shampoo, he may not like it like you do. A dog’s sense of smell is approximately ten thousand times better than their human counterparts. So, after taking a bath they’ll have an unfamiliar smell which they may not like.

Dogs don’t mind smelling like the gross stuff they roll around in. They don’t mind rolling around in things that make them smell bad, but after all that, you go and bathe them again, getting rid of all that scent off again. After all, their ancestors used that technique to fool their prey for many years.

They call this motion scent rolling and it’s a way for animals such as dogs and wolves to carry back information to their packs. Therefore, rolling around the house and rubbing their bodies on everything in the house helps them to get back their scent after taking a bath.

Getting Rid of Pent-up Energy

Most dogs don’t enjoy taking a bath, but they tolerate it because they have to. Even though they don’t enjoy the process, and it stresses them out, they trust you enough to sit through bath time. An example of this is when you’re stressed, your mind doesn’t shut down, it just keeps finding ways to handle the stress.

Therefore, you’ll have a lot of pent-up energy just from trying to solve your own problems. It’s the same thing with dogs and so some of them go crazy after taking a bath. Bath time is a trigger for most dogs where they’ll have a lot of pent-up energy and so after bath they have to release it.

Once you’re finished giving them a bath, you will notice that they show signs of the zoomies. Even if your dog loves water, they dread bath time. But they love a good massage, though.

Is Your Dog Acting Like a Maniac After Taking Their Bath?

Is Your Dog Acting Like a Maniac After Taking Their Bath?

It doesn’t matter how enjoying their bath is, dogs don’t enjoy taking them. However, some people likes to watch their dogs run around the house after getting out the bath. Shaking off the zoomies can be rather interesting to watch. Witnessing this moment can put a smile on anyone’s face even your dog will appreciate it. What about you? Does your dog act like a maniac after getting a bath? Now that you know why your dog goes crazy after a bath, bath time will become more fun for both of you.