We're taking puppies out of the spotlight for a moment and shedding some light on the real stars of the show - senior dogs! If November being National Adopt a Senior Dog Month wasn't reason enough to give an old hound a new lease on life, we've compiled a few of the many reasons you need to add a senior dog to your life:

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks! It's a common myth that only young dogs can learn new tricks and that old dogs are "stuck in their ways" - in reality, dogs of any age - young or old - can be trained to do just about anything. In fact, training an older dog may be even easier than training a puppy because they're much calmer!

You won't need to purchase a new carpet or furniture - Since they're still learning and developing, puppies are notorious for "redesigning" the rooms in your house by destroying the items they think need to go. But senior dogs have fully developed bladders and many times, are already house broken when you adopt them!

They still have many good years ahead of them! Though an 8-year-old dog may be a little less energetic and have a little more white hair around their face, the average dog lives to be anywhere from 10-15 years old - and they don't call them the golden years for nothing!

If you're more of a couch potato than a go-getter, a senior dog may be your perfect match. Older dogs will still need their daily exercise, but their energy levels are typically lower than that of a young pup and will be more than happy to lounge beside you on the couch.

Senior dogs are the most appreciative and thankful beings on earth. Some may have been given up by their former family and some may not have ever had a home in the first place - either way, the love you'll receive from a senior dog is truly a special thing!

To find a senior dog near you that's in need of a forever home, you can go to Petfinder.com!