Do you have a gorgeous golden retriever? Trying to keep that beautiful mane shining? Let’s find the best products to use.

How do you take care of a golden retriever's hair?

Who doesn’t love the beautiful locks of a golden retriever? Whether they’re a light blonde color, or the darker red… They have such lush fur coats. So silky and soft. But what’s the best way to take care of our sweet pup’s hair?

We all want our dogs to have a healthy coat and skin. So what’s the best way to take care of their grooming needs?

Brushing your golden retriever’s fur

Although bathing your retriever is very important… It's even more important to regularly brush their hair. That silky fur can get tangled, dirty, and matted very easily, if it’s not regularly brushed.

On top of avoiding tangles, brushing is important to get rid of loose hairs, dead skin cells, and to spread around your dog’s natural oils on their skin. All of this helps keep their skin and coat shiny and healthy.

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Best hair brush for golden retrievers

Here are some of the top rated dog hair brushes for golden retrievers. These will help you do the best job at keeping your sweet pup groomed, healthy, and beautiful.

This brush has stainless steel bristles to help remove knots. And it has a self-cleaning feature.

These are actual gloves with soft rubber tips that help gently remove tangles, remove loose fur, and help spread your dog’s natural oils.

This brush has two sides for two different purposes. One side has stainless steel pins for removing knots from longer fur. And the other side has soft, nylon bristles for short fur coats.

The FURminator is a very popular dog brush tool. It’s great at removing your dog’s undercoat and loose hairs. And it has a self-cleaning feature.

This teardrop-shaped tool pulls loose hair away from your dog. It has a dual-sided blade. One side is coarser for thicker coats. And the other side has fine teeth for shorter coats.

This is a 2-in-1 tool—made from a soft plastic—that massages your dog while you brush them. And you can even use it while you bathe them.

How often should you bathe a golden retriever?

While it’s important to keep your golden retriever clean, it’s also important to let your dog’s natural oils stay on their fur and skin to keep them healthy. Each dog breed is different, so it’s best to consult your veterinarian or a dog groomer.

A good rule of thumb for larger dogs with long hair, like the golden retriever, is to bathe them every 4-6 weeks. But if your dog does get especially dirty or smelly, it’s ok to bathe them in between that timeframe occasionally. We just don’t want to over-bathe our dogs and create any dry skin problems.

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Do golden retrievers need to use a conditioner?

This might sound a little excessive, but there are actually dog shampoos with a conditioner in them. And because golden retrievers tend to have longer, wavy hair… having a shampoo and conditioner combo. can help with tangles and matting.

how to groom a golden retriever

Which shampoo is best for golden retrievers?

You can always take your golden to a professional dog groomer. And they will do an amazing job. You can even request that they use certain types of shampoos—depending on your dog’s needs. But if you’d like to bathe and groom your dog at home, there are more than enough great shampoos to choose from.

Top dog shampoos for golden retrievers:

This popular brand makes a great dog shampoo and conditioner with buttermilk and linseed. It’s a “tearless” shampoo, and helps moisturize.

This company gives you shampoo and conditioner in two separate bottles. It’s great with moisturizing dry, itchy skin. It contains oatmeal and aloe. And it’s made with natural and organic ingredients.

This is a dog shampoo and conditioner combo. It’s made from natural ingredients, is pH balanced and is free from parabens, soaps, and dyes.

This dog shampoo and conditioner is a vet-approved oatmeal formula. It’s great for dogs with itchy dry skin. It detangles and moisturizes.

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