Are you the proud owner of a Border Collie? Wondering why in the world they won’t stop barking? Let’s talk about it!

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What Is a Border Collie?

Border Collies are beautiful, fun-loving, active dogs who are known for their affectionate personalities and their physical agility. These dogs are hard workers who love having a job and a purpose. Border Collies were bred to be herders, and have been called “the world’s greatest herders.”

This is why they are such high-energy dogs. They are also very intelligent, easy to train, and athletic. But they’ll need plenty of exercise if you want them to behave. Once they’ve had enough run around and play time, they’ll be ready to snuggle in next to you on the couch for cuddle time.

This amazing dog breed has been around for more than 130 years, and they have been impressing people ever since. Winning competition after competition, these pups have been dominating in competitive sheepdog trials and agility competitions for quite some time!

Help Your Border Collie Bark Less with the Fi Dog Collar

Border Collies are known for their intelligence, energy, and, yes, their barking! They love to talk, whether they're excited, anxious, or simply being playful. But if your Border Collie's barking is becoming a bit much, it might be time to help them burn off that energy with exercise and training. The Fi Dog Collar is here to support you in managing their behavior by tracking their activity and ensuring they're getting the right amount of exercise. Not only that, but it also offers GPS tracking to help you keep them safe and secure. Help your Border Collie thrive by adding the Fi Dog Collar to their daily routine, and enjoy a quieter, more relaxed furry friend.

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Do Border Collies Bark A Lot?

The answer here is yes. Border Collies are definitely big barkers. So if you’re still looking into different dog breeds, please keep that in mind. While they are super loveable, intelligent, and trainable… They also have a high barking level, high energy level, and need a lot of mental stimulation.

As we said above, these pups were bred to work and run all day long. That’s still something they crave, even today.

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Why Does My Border Collie Keep Barking?

Border Collies are known for being big talkers! They communicate by barking, whether they are excited, playful, stressed, anxious, or lonely. They will bark to tell you all about it. Part of their barking habits come from their herding nature. They are used to barking at the sheep and other farm animals, so they naturally do the same with everyone else.

Of course, for most people, this can be quite frustrating. And your neighbors might not be too grateful about your dog barking so often—especially early in the morning. Thankfully, since these pups are so trainable, they can learn to cut back.

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How do I get my Border Collie to stop barking?

One of the main ways to help improve every dog’s behavior is with more exercise! Like we said above, these dogs were bred to work all day. In fact, most dogs were bred for some kind of working purpose.

All dogs fall into one of the following categories:

  • Sporting Group (retrievers)
  • Hound Group (hunters of swift prey)
  • Working Group (pullers and protectors)
  • Terrier Group (hunters of vermin)
  • Toy Group (small companions)
  • Non-Sporting Group (people-dogs and companion animals)
  • Herding Group (livestock movers)

And although we love our furry companions like our children these days, we typically slack on the amount of exercise our dogs need. Especially in comparison to the jobs they used to do. If you ask any pet trainer, one of the biggest reasons for a dog to have behavioral issues is because they aren’t getting enough exercise.

So if you’re hoping to train your Border Collie to bark less, it’s time to get out those running shoes, and start taking them for daily jogs. If you help them get out their energy, all that playful excitement will be satisfied. And their nervous, anxious energy will be all worn out too.

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Watch for Triggers

Although you won’t be able to get rid of their barking altogether, you can definitely help tone it down. And you wouldn’t want to completely eliminate a Border Collie’s barking because it’s how they communicate, and it’s a part of who they are.

Another way to help calm your Border Collie’s barking is to pay attention to the things that trigger it. Does it happen when someone rings the doorbell? Consider getting rid of your doorbell. If other people walking by your house scares your dog, you could close the curtains.

Maybe your pup gets separation anxiety when you leave. You could try using calming music, aromatherapy, and giving them a soft, safe space in the house to help them feel at ease. You could even try a long-lasting chew like a bully stick, or try putting peanut butter in a KONG and freezing it. Both of these will help keep them blissfully distracted for quite a while.

The better you understand why your individual dog is barking, the more easily you’ll be able to curb this habit. And in the end, you’ll both be happier for it.

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