You love giving your dog fresh fruits and veggies, but which ones are safe? Can dogs eat papaya? And how much is safe for them to eat?

Is it Ok for Dogs to Eat Papaya?

Yes! Papaya can be a delicious, healthy treat for your dog. But you should be cautious of giving them too much. And there are a couple of safety steps you should take before feeding this tropical food to your furry best friend. For all of the advice you could want to know about feeding your dog papaya, keep reading below. And for other great articles about safe and non-safe foods for dogs, check out the Off Leash! Blog on


Health Benefits of Feeding Papaya to Your Dog

There are several health benefits from papaya for both humans and dogs. You probably knew that papaya was at least somewhat healthy because it’s a fruit. But you may not have known just how many vitamins and nutritional benefits it has.  

  • Folate, Potassium, and Calcium → Good for healthy bones and blood.
  • Vitamins A, C, E, and K → Good for skin and fur, and to help improve the immune system.
  • Fiber → Helps to prevent constipation.
  • Antioxidants → Good for the immune system and the heart.
  • Digestive Enzymes → Improves digestive health and helps break down the proteins in food.

There are quite a bit of health benefits to eating papaya. Just keep in mind that fruit isn’t a natural part of a dog’s diet, and fruits contain sugar. So again, just share small pieces in small doses.

dog eating papaya

How Much Papaya Can a Dog Eat?

Small amounts of papaya are healthy and safe for dogs. But feeding your dog any food in excess can cause them to feel sick. Remember—everything in moderation. If you give your dog too much of anything, they could have stomach issues, or worse. And just in case your dog happens to have food allergies to papaya, it’s always best to test a little out first. The same goes for other tropical fruits like pineapple, banana, and kiwi. Just feed them a little bit at a time, and watch for any unusual responses or reactions.

3 Ways To Feed Your Dog Papaya

Since papaya is safe to feed your dog in small portions, here’s a few different ways you can serve it to them.

  1. Frozen – Dogs love a good crunchy treat, and the only real difference between frozen and fresh is the temperature. Make sure to get rid of the skin and seeds, and cut it into small pieces all before you freeze it. And keep in mind that senior dogs may have trouble with eating a hard treat like this.
  2. Dehydrated – When it’s dehydrated, papaya has a lot of concentrated sugar which is not great for your dog. Fresh fruit has much less concentrated sugar. Because of this, dehydrated papaya and other fruits could raise the level of your dog’s blood sugar. And that’s not good for dogs with pancreatitis, arthritis, or diabetes.
  3. Fresh – This is the best way to serve it. Your dog can enjoy all the benefits of papaya when it’s in its natural, fresh form.

Can Dogs Eat Papaya Seeds?

The seeds from papaya should always be removed before feeding any of it to your dog. Just like the seeds in apples, papaya seeds contain tiny amounts of cyanide. Although consuming a little bit may not cause much harm, eating too much of it definitely can. The nice thing is that the seeds do have a bitter taste to them. So hopefully that will be enough to deter your dog, if they stumble across some. But if eaten, the seeds could also be a choking hazard. All in all, it’s safest to just remove the seeds ahead of time.

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Can Dogs Eat Papaya Skin?

Sorry, dogs should not eat the skin from a papaya fruit. It’s very hard for them—and humans—to digest. Not only can this cause some terrible stomach issues, it can also be a choking hazard for your dog. And the scariest part is that if your dog ate enough of the skin, it could create a blockage in their intestinal tract. This means an emergency visit to the animal hospital. So let’s avoid the skin altogether, ok?

Will My Dog Get Sick from Eating Papaya?

Unless your dog is allergic to papaya, they shouldn’t get sick from eating it. But remember, everything in moderation. If you give your dog too much of anything, it can make them sick. Just remember to take off the skin and remove the seeds, and your dog should be totally fine.

And of course, never let your dog try to eat a papaya whole. I know this sounds crazy, but dogs can swallow large objects like corn on the cob—which is also very dangerous. And swallowing anything whole like that can cause both choking and intestinal blockages. Make sure to always keep whole papayas up and out of reach.

Dogs Can Eat Papaya

Yes, dogs can eat papaya. It’s safe and healthy overall. As long as it’s given in moderation, and in small pieces with the skin and seeds removed. Papaya can be a fun treat to reward your good little pup, as long as it’s given safely. Take a little time out to treat the both of you with some delicious, juicy papaya.