Do you live in Boston with your dog? Maybe you’re planning a visit, or wanting to move there with your pooch. Well, you’re in luck! There’s more than enough dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and hotels in Boston, MA.

Dog Activities in Boston

Looking for some dog-friendly activities to do in Boston? You could take your dog to a park to run around off-leash, or walk along a wooded trail. Or you can grab a bite with some friends, and bring your furry little companion with you. And if you need a dog-friendly place to stay in Boston, there are quite a few pet-friendly hotels that won’t even charge you a pet fee.

Although the list is too numerous to mention here, we’ll give you a few of our favorites from each category. This will get you started down the right track to finding all of the dog-friendly things in Boston that you’re looking for.

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Boston

Let’s start with the yummiest category… Food! If you weren’t aware, there is a “pet-friendly patio” trend that is sweeping the nation. Typically, if a restaurant has an outdoor patio, your dog is allowed to sit out there with you. Always check with the business ahead of time. But the possibilities only keep growing.

1. The Friendly Toast

The Friendly Toast has amazing reviews, and even more impressive food items. This dog-friendly brunch spot welcomes your pooch right onto their outdoor patio. Try their delectable waffles or French toast, if you want something sweet. Or snag a savory meal of quiche and some avocado toast. And you can actually eat these awesome breakfast foods all day long—even for dinner!

2. State Street Provisions

State Street Provisions is right in downtown Boston. Your pooch can join you on their outdoor patio while you enjoy the surrounding trees and giant skyscrapers. This pet-friendly restaurant serves lunch and dinner all week, but adds in a brunch menu on the weekends.

3. The Blarney Stone

The Blarney Stone is a pet-friendly bar and restaurant that serves pub-style foods and a variety of brews. They add in a brunch menu on the weekends, and have a dog-friendly outdoor patio where your pooch can sit by your side. Their indoor atmosphere is casual, with contemporary-style decor.

Top Dog Parks in Boston

Alright… Ready for some fresh air and exercise? You know your dog is! There are tons of great dog parks and off-leash areas in Boston, MA. Some are larger than others, and some have nicer features than others. But they will all give your sweet pup a chance to run off that extra energy. And if you’re afraid of your dog getting loose, try out the Fi Smart Dog Collar to keep track of your pup’s location at all times.

1. Danehy Park

This popular dog-friendly park is 50-acres in size. People love going there for soccer, carnivals, and even for the daily jog. Dogs are allowed to be anywhere in the park on-leash, but they do have a specific off-leash area for dogs to run around. And this area has a water station to help keep your dog hydrated.

2. Fresh Pond Reservation Dog Park

The Fresh Pond Reservation Dog Park is the perfect spot for a hot summer day. Your dog can go swimming in either of their two ponds. Or they can run and play in the off-leash, fenced-in area. This park is cared for by a group of local volunteers, and is always very clean and well-maintained.

3. Peters Park Dog Run

One of the most popular parks in Boston is Peters Park. This local favorite has an off-leash, fenced-in dog run that is clean and well-maintained, and has plenty of seating for the humans. There is a separate small dog area. And you can bring the whole family down to this park to enjoy its baseball field, tennis court, playground, handball court, basketball courts, and gardens.

Most Pet-Friendly Hotels in Boston, MA

Boston sounds pretty cool, right? Are you ready for a vacation here? Let’s check out some of the top pet-friendly hotels in the city. There are many more options than what we have listed here. But remember to always double check before you book. Some hotels will charge a pet fee, or have limitations on the size, type, and number of pets you can bring.

1. Kimpton Hotel

There are a few different Kimpton hotels in Boston, but the Kimpton hotel chain is one of my very favorites. Their prices are a little bit on the higher end, but not outrageous. And this hotel won’t disappoint. Not only are the rooms very nice, but they are the dog-friendliest hotel I’ve ever seen. They don’t charge any pet fees, don’t limit the size, number, or type of pet you bring, and they will give your furbaby bowls for food and water, pet mats, and a plush pet bed.

2. Four Seasons Hotel Boston

This pet-friendly hotel is quite a bit more expensive, but it provides your pet with food and water bowls, plush pet beds, and treats. And there’s no extra charge for up to two pets per room,  but they must be 35 lbs. or smaller. And both dogs and cats are allowed.

3. Colonnade Hotel

The Colonnade is another pet-friendly hotel in Boston with no pet fee that allows big dogs, and allows 2+ pets. It’s prices are around the same as Kimpton’s prices. But the more budget-friendly hotels we found charge a $25 or $35 pet fee per night, per pet. At that point, it’s often better to pay a little more per room and have no pet fee.

Boston is a Dog-Friendly City

Boston is ready and waiting for you and your pooch to come check it out! Whether you’re planning to live there, or just visit, you and your favorite canine will both love this bustling, dog-loving city.

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