Trying to find something fun to do with your dog in St. Louis? Maybe you’re getting ready to move there with your pooch. Well… Get ready for a doggone good time!

Restaurants Dog Friendly

Dog-Friendly Places in Downtown St. Louis

St. Louis is a fun and beautiful midwestern city with lots of delicious restaurants, green parks, and cushy hotels. The best part is that many of those places allow your pup to come along with you. Whether you’re visiting on vacation, or you’ve lived there your whole life, we’ll help you find some of the best dog-friendly places to go in St. Louis.

How Can I Take My Dog to a Restaurant in St. Louis?

Your taste buds will thank you after visiting these dog-friendly restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Not only are they unique and delicious, but they’ll treat your dog like an extra special guest. There are many more dog-friendly eateries than in this list, but these are good places to start.

1. The Boathouse at Forest Park

The Boathouse is one of the dog-friendliest places in St. Louis. You and your pup can both order off the menu since they’ve added special doggy foods to their list. You can both get burgers, and enjoy them on the pet-friendly patio together.

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2. Tamm Avenue Bar

Tamm Avenue has a back patio bar just for dog lovers to bring their pets along for the ride. The staff will bring your dog water bowls and treats, and you can enjoy some of their amazing sandwiches, wraps, or burgers.

3. Square One Brewery & Distillery

Square One Brewery & Distillery has a beautiful outdoor patio that is pet-friendly with plenty of seating. Of course they sell craft brews. And you can enjoy some of their classic pub food too. The patio is partially covered, so you and your pooch can enjoy eating outside in any weather.

4. Shameless Grounds

Shameless Grounds is a dog-friendly coffee shop and cafe in the Benton Park neighborhood. They have a large outdoor patio that is pet-friendly. And you can enjoy a specialty coffee with a scone, or grab a sandwich for lunch. Their breakfast is their most popular meal, and you can enjoy that all day long.

Top Pet-Friendly Hotels in St. Louis

Ready to take a trip with your furry best friend? Or maybe you have family coming to visit you—and you don’t want all their pets in your house. That’s ok! There are many clean, beautiful, pet-friendly hotels in St. Louis. Watch out to see which ones charge a pet fee, and if they have any restrictions on the type, size, or number of pets allowed.

1. Benton Park Inn

Benton Park Inn is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in an old historic building. It’s located just south of downtown St. Louis. Their prices are reasonable, they allow multiple pets, charge no pet fees, and let you bring larger dogs.

2. Magnolia Hotel

The Magnolia Hotel was originally built in 1924, and has much history of its own. It had the first general manager who was a female, and it was the first hotel to start putting chocolates on your pillow. It is still gorgeous and classy to this day. With reasonable prices, this hotel also allows large dogs, multiple pets, and has no pet fees.

3. Westin

The Westin hotel is a popular hotel chain, with reasonable prices too. They let you bring multiple pets, and have no pet fees. But only small dogs are allowed.

4. Red Roof Inn

The Red Roof Inn is a more budget-friendly hotel. While still clean and well-maintained, it just doesn’t have quite as many frills as the others. But they do allow large dogs, multiple pets, and have no pet fees.

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Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in St. Louis

It’s time for some fresh air and sunshine with your adorable little pooch. They can’t stand being cooped up anymore than you can. So let’s take a look at just a few of St. Louis’ many dog parks, off-leash areas, and dog-friendly parks. And if you’re afraid of your dog getting loose, try out the Fi Smart Dog Collar to keep track of your pup’s location at all times.

1. Southwest City Dog Park

This park is a members-only dog park. But needing a membership does come with its advantages. This park is always clean and well-maintained by a group of volunteers. And since it’s by membership only, you’ll know that all dogs have been vaccinated.

2. Treecourt Unleashed Dog Adventure Park

This large, grassy dog park is also by membership only. There's a lot of room to roam and shade trees. Not only do dogs need vaccinations, but this group gives your pup a “temperament test” before allowing membership. This helps to ensure everyone’s safety each time you and your pooch visit.

3. Tails & Trails Dog Park at Queeny Park

This fun dog park is 5 acres in size, and has separate small and large dog areas. They also have canine agility equipment, a water feature, waste stations, and water stations. And there are plenty of benches and picnic pavilions. Keep in mind, this park is also by membership only.

St. Louis is Very Dog-Friendly

As you can see, St. Louis must love dogs! These St. Louis businesses and parks go the extra mile to make sure you and your pup have an amazing visit. Now it’s time for you to pick up your canine, and go out for a whole day of dog-friendly activities around the city.

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