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Today we got the honor of interviewing Tricia (Dax's Human). You can find a direct link to their Instagram here.

Here is their story:

Fi: Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a dog influencer? What inspired you to start sharing your dog's adventures on social media?

Dax's Human: Contrary to their stereotype, German Shepherds are the most loyal, smart, and incredibly loving dogs. I started sharing Dax and his unique personality on social media in hopes of changing some of the misconceptions about the breed.

Fi: What do you think sets your dog apart from other dogs on social media? What makes them unique or particularly interesting to your followers?

Dax's Human:Dax's head tilts are some of the best in the GSD community! His facial expressions and attitude have provided some of the best comedic content for his social media accounts. We want to make people smile when they watch his Tiktoks or IG Reels.

Fi: How do you come up with ideas for your dog's posts and content? Do you have a specific creative process?

Dax's Human:Ideas for content come from recreating other popular, trending dog videos, from our family's own personal experiences and adventures or, from simply capturing a quirky moment of Dax that I can then exaggerate or dramatize. I typically have about a dozen "drafts" in the making at any given time. Occasionally, if I have a random idea for a video, I'll write it down so I don't forget it and try to develop it for a future video.

Fi: Have you ever faced any challenges or negativity on social media, and how have you dealt with it?

Dax's Human:Yes! Having public social medial accounts is not for the thin-skinned. Some people are rude and mean. Many think they are professionals and know what's best for my dog after watching a 20-second video. I do not engage with them or respond to the negative comments. For every negative comment, there are 100 positive comments for Dax and the online GSD community loves him.

Fi: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own dog influencer account or share their dog on social media?

Dax's Human:Managing your dog's social media accounts can be a lot of fun. Identify your dog's niche and stay consistent. Post regularly. Keep it positive and funny. View the content of other popular accounts to see what drives engagement and what doesn't. Upload good quality videos and let your dog's personality shine!

Fi: What is your favorite thing about being a dog influencer?

Dax's Human: I love reading comments from followers who tell us our video made them smile. We love showing the softer, funnier side of German Shepherds and knowing that our videos brings people joy.

Fi: Lastly, what's next for you and your dog on social media? Are any exciting plans or projects in the works?

Dax's Human: We'd like to keep growing our social media following, reach even more people, and show them how wonderful German Shepherd dogs are. We'd also love for Dax Shepard, the actor, to comment on one of our videos. That would be super cool for us!!

We hope that Tricia's story has inspired you to appreciate your furry friend's unique personality and share it with the world! Being a dog influencer is a fun and rewarding experience, but it's important to prioritize our dogs' health and wellbeing as well.

Remember always to create positive, wholesome content that showcases your dog's individuality. And in the face of negativity, it's important to stand up for fellow dog lovers and keep the community positive.

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