Fi user in Memphis used Fi's GPS tracking to rescue his lost dog Mei from muddy river cave

You may have heard of noodling for catfish, but have you tried noodling for dogfish? Memphis local Dave Mosner recently had to pull his dog Mei out of a muddy cave while waist-deep in the Wolf River. This heroic dog owner was able to find his lost pup by following her dot on the Fi app.

In the words of WREG-TV reporter Greg Hurst, “Thank goodness for technology.”

Here is Dave's message to Fi shortly after the harrowing incident:

"Your device was truly a lifesaver today. When it finally found her, she was 1 mile down a rain swollen river in the opposite bank!?! With the aid of your device and some bushwhacking from me, Mei survived her crazy adventure."

With over 200,000 emergency recovery activations in the app since Fi’s founding, it warms our hearts to know that there is one more owner out there reunited with his precious dog.

See Dave and Mei's clip on Memphis's 10 o'clock news here:

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