It's one of the most rewarding experiences you can take on and while there are millions of reasons why you should foster, we've broken it down into the top 10 reasons why you should apply to foster a dog today:

1. It allows rescues and shelters to take in more animals.

Without foster families, rescues would only be able to take in as many dogs as they can fit into their facility. Having a large foster network allows them to take in as many dogs as they have fosters! More fosters = more dogs saved.

2. It prepares them for their new home.

Kennels in a shelter don't compare to a real home when it comes to preparing a rescue dog for their new home. Being in a home setting allows them to get used to everyday sights and sounds, and also gives them a head start on training.

Foster a Dog

3. Getting to know the dog helps the rescue place them in the best home.

A dog's true personality shines when they have loving caretakers! Kennels can be overwhelming- it's an unknown place with lots of smells and barking dogs. Being in a calm, welcoming environment lets them be their true self, and you can report back to the rescue so that they know what type of home they will thrive in.

4. It's fun!

Fostering a dog means you'll have a new buddy to play with, hike with, and laugh with. There is no shortage of smiles when you have a foster dog.

5. It keeps them healthy and active.

Because rescues rely on volunteers, dogs in a shelter may not always get the exercise they need. Lucky for them, they'll have you to bring them on walks and toss a ball around in the backyard.

6. Your pets will love the company.

It may not be an immediate friendship, but once they get to know each other, your dog and your foster dog will love having each other to play with when you're not around. Your dog will also serve as a role model for your foster by showing them the ins and outs of living with your family.

Foster a Dog

7. Puppies or special needs dogs get the one-on-one attention they need.

If your schedule allows it, taking in a puppy or special needs dog is super rewarding! They do need extra care and attention, but that hard work pays off when they find their forever home.

8. It's flexible.

Did you know that you can foster a dog just over the weekend? If you don't have time to commit to be a full-time foster, you can take dogs in for a couple days at a time to give them a break from shelter life, or to take over as a temporary foster when their full-time foster is away.

9. They learn what love is.

Sadly, there's a good chance your foster dog has never had a loving home. You have the power to transform a nervous, shy dog into a confident, loving companion just by showing them what it means to be loved!

10. You might just find your new best friend.

You might not know it or expect it, but by bringing in a foster, you may find that they were in their forever home all along. ❤️

We've had 7 Fi Fosters join our team, with many more to come, so take it from us when we say: Fostering saves lives!

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