Whether it's Christmas, a birthday, or Dog Walker Appreciation Day (September 8th!), it's never a bad idea to surprise your dog walker or fellow dog parents with a little surprise to show them how much you appreciate all they do for your pup!

Our Favorite Gifts For Dog Walkers

Fi GPS Dog Collar

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The Fi Collar is an absolute necessity for every dog walker - with its built-in GPS and activity tracker, dog owners can give their clients extra peace of mind by guaranteeing their location, even if they happen to slip off their leash. Fi's activity tracking capabilities also allow dog walkers to make sure each pup gets plenty of exercise, which they can report back to their clients using the in-app stats.

Canada Pooch Dog Walking Gloves

dog walking gloves

Dog owners and dog walkers all know the struggle of trying to walk a dog during the winter - you need to wear gloves to keep warm, but the soft material doesn't allow you to open waste bags! These gloves were designed with dog walkers in mind and feature an easy grip texture to open bags quickly so you can continue on your walk! They also keep your hands extra toasty, even on the coldest days.

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

beat powerbeats pro headphones

Earbuds are a dog walkers best friend - a long day of dog walking can be pretty exhausting, so these earbuds will keep their head in the game all day by providing high-quality music for them to walk and run to.

Wild One Poop Bags

If there's one thing that dog walkers can't get enough of, it's poop bags! They might not be the most exciting gift, but we can guarantee they'll be thankful for a new supply so they can head out for their next walk without worry.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Fuel your dog walkers next walk with some delicious coffee from Grounds & Hounds! Each flavor of coffee is dog themed and even better - every cup helps a pup! Grounds & Hounds donates profits from every sale to animal rescues!

Travel Dog Water Bottle

Final Thoughts

Your dog and all the other dogs in their care are sure to work up quite a sweat on their walks! Make sure your dog walker is always prepared with a refreshing drink for them by gifting them this handy travel dog water bottle - with a leak proof design and it can hold up to 20 ounces of water.

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