Getting a new Sheepadoodle? Congrats! Let’s talk about  grooming, trimming, bathing, and more!

sheepadoodle puppy

What is a Sheepadoodle?

Have you heard of a “designer dog breed” before? You probably know that a “purebred dog” is—a pup who comes from just one bloodline. And a “mixed breed dog” is a pup that has multiple bloodlines, and their breed mix is usually unidentifiable without a blood test.


However, a “designer dog breed” is when you intentionally mix two specific purebred dogs to make a new desired outcome. This is actually how most other dog breeds came about. Throughout history, humans would intentionally cross breed specific types of dogs to get the best traits from each dog. In the past, it was always about breeding dogs for certain jobs—hunting, herding, sled-pulling, and more. Nowadays, it’s about certain looks, demeanors, and non-shedding qualities.

old english sheep dog

Hence the reason for a Sheepadoodle. This designer dog breed is a combination of the lovable Old English Sheepdog, and the typical non-shedding Standard Poodle. Both of these breeds have their own wonderful personality traits. The Old English Sheepdog is known to be smart, gentle, and adaptable. And the Standard Poodle is known to be active, proud, and very smart. Combine those together, and you’ve got a pretty dang good dog!

Are Sheepadoodles high maintenance?

If you’re considering adding a Sheepadoodle to your family—or you already did, and you want to know what you’ve gotten yourself into, let me fill you in.

The answer here is yes… Sheepadoodles are quite high maintenance dogs when it comes to their grooming needs. They are sweet, fluffy, and adorable! But you’ll need to spend some extra time every week—or every day—taking care of their fur coat needs.

From combining the long, thick fur of the Old English Sheepdog, and the coarse, curly hair of the Standard Poodle… You get the thick, long, curly, coarse, and fluffy hair of the Sheepadoodle. But their fur isn’t all bad! You’ll be thankful to avoid all of the messy loose dog hairs that you would normally have all over your house from a shedding dog.

Do Sheepadoodles need haircuts?

Yes, Sheepadoodles do need regular haircuts—either from you, or from a professional groomer. Because these dogs don’t shed, their hair continues to grow like ours. And to make sure it doesn’t get too tangled, matted, and dirty… you’ll want to regularly brush, bathe, and trim their fur.

Is grooming a Sheepadoodle hard?

Grooming a Sheepadoodle isn’t hard, it just takes some consistency and regular upkeep. As far as cutting their fur… these dogs are typically shaved with an electric shaver and a guard attachment, so you can cut their hair evenly all over.

You can either trim their fur at home on your own, or you can take them to a professional groomer. But you’ll definitely need to brush their fur at least a few times a week, if not every day. The problem with not keeping up with their brushing is the matting and tangling that happens. If their fur gets too bad, you or your groomer will have to shave your dog all the way to get rid of the knots, so their fur can start over.

How do you comb a Sheepadoodle?

There are a lot of helpful videos online that will show you how to comb, bathe, and trim your Sheepadoodle. And some that are about “doodles” in general because they share a lot of commonalities in their fur length and texture. Even though there are many helpful “doodle” owners who make videos, it’s always best to take advice from professional groomers.

This video very clearly explains how to properly brush a “doodle” breed. You’ll want to brush in a downward motion. And it’s easier to start from the bottom of one leg, and work your way up, and then move onto the other legs. After that, proceed with the body and head in the same manner.

And watch out for extra knots and matting on their feet, the insides of their legs, and the fur just below their ears. These are the places where your Sheepadoodle will get tangled the most.

How often do Sheepadoodles need to be groomed?

You’ll want to bathe and trim your Sheepadoodle’s fur every 2-3 months. If you can wait to bathe them once every 3 months, that would be best. This gives them enough time for the natural oils in their fur to do their magic. All dogs need to keep those natural oils for a few months to ensure the health of their fur coat and skin.

How do you groom a Sheepadoodle at home?

Here is another helpful video for you. This groomer will show you how she brushes and cuts a Sheepadoodle’s fur.

She has already brushed, bathed, and blown dry this pup’s fur before cutting it. And then she brushes each section again right before using the electric shaver. She uses clippers to trim up around the feet and face. It is a long video, but she really shows you every step of the way—including how she trims around the Sheepadoodle’s face.

As long as you know these helpful tips ahead of time, and you keep up with your Sheepadoodle’s brushing, you will have no trouble at all keeping your sweet pup clean and beautiful!

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