Millions of people will set a New Years resolution tied to fitness in 2021 - but let's face it, few will stick to them. Dog owners are inherently more active than non-dog owners, so use that advantage and start off 2021 by exercising with your dog.

Set a new step goal within the Fi App. We default your dog’s step goal to 10,000 - but if you were exceeding that goal every day in 2020 - it might be time to bump it up to 15,000.

Hit the Fi step goal every day of the first week. Starting off on the right foot the first week of the year will set the tone for those to follow.

Do activities that benefit you both instead of dragging yourself to do something only your pup gets exercise from. If the dog park doesn’t get you to run around a bit, it may be time for a hike instead.

Make it a group activity. Doing things with friends is better than doing things alone, so find a dog meetup group at a dog park or ask a neighbor to join you.

Try something new, rather than an exercise that feels too routine. Substitute a jog around the neighborhood with a trip to a new trail or even an at-home agility course.