Looking for an intelligent, loyal, affectionate family dog? The Husky Collie Mix could be the right choice for you! With the right training and socialization, this beautiful mix makes the perfect companion.

Siberian Husky + Border Collie

The husky collie mix is a newer “designer dog” mix breed. A designer dog is when breeders cross two popular purebred dogs to try to get the best qualities out of each. And mixing these two breeds together will surely give you a wonderful outcome.

Although this is a newer mix of breeds, the Siberian husky is typically mixed with a border collie. Both the husky and the collie are very intelligent dogs who are active and love being outdoors. If trained correctly and well-socialized, they can be great family dogs.

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All About Border Collies

Affectionate, smart, and energetic. This pretty much sums up the typical border collie personality. They are a little smaller than huskies. The border collie’s average weight is between 30-50 lbs., making them a medium-sized dog. And they typically live to be 12-15 years old. Border collies are instinctively herders, and definitely “workaholics.”

Border collies are very athletic, and “are among the canine kingdom’s most agile, balanced, and durable citizens.”  They have almond-shaped eyes, like the husky. But the collie’s eyes seem to be a bit rounder. Their fur coat can be rough or smooth, and comes in a variety of colors. And like the husky, they can have brown eyes, blue eyes, or one of each.

Collies are very friendly and affectionate around those they know, but can be reserved or aloof around strangers. The border collie lives to work and accomplish a job. This will keep them happy and fulfilled. Keep in mind that anyone who owns a border collie will need to give them plenty of room to roam and time to exercise. But once they’ve had enough play and work time, they will settle down for some good snuggles.

All About Siberian Huskies

Siberian huskies are very impressive work dogs who love to hunt, pull light loads, and work in packs. They are known for being loyal, mischievous, and outgoing. The males typically weigh 45-60lbs., and females typically weigh 35-50 lbs. The Siberian husky originated “from the northwestern region of Russia and [is] used by explorers to pull their loaded sleds, hunt & herd in extremely cold, snowy conditions.”

Siberian huskies are graceful and light on their feet. They have almond-shaped eyes that are either brown, blue, or one of each. Their coat is thick and meant to withstand sub zero temperatures—even up to -60° F. This helps keep them warm while “pulling light loads at moderate speeds over vast frozen expanses.” These pack dogs are known for their incredible speed and endurance.

If you want to see just how impressive this breed is, check out the movie called Togo. This true story is about a Siberian husky sled dog in Alaska, back in 1925. “The 12-year-old Togo... traversed an astounding 264 miles, compared to an average of 31 miles each for the other [sled dog] teams.” Togo was featured in the AKC Museum of the Dog. He was a hero who saved many lives by transporting a much needed antitoxin across impossible terrain and weather. Siberian huskies don’t know the meaning of “can’t.”

The Husky Collie Mix: Traits & Temperament

This mix of dog breeds can be a great pick for your future furbaby. They have high energy and are very loyal. Their coats are usually medium length and thick. And they are typically a combination of black and white, but can have a variety of colors from the collie side. The husky collie mix will have the almond-shaped eyes from both parents, as well as the blue, brown, or combination eyes from both parents.

Their weight is around 30-55 lbs., and height is 18-22 inches at the shoulder. The husky collie mix will usually have semi-erect ears, and their life expectancy is 12-15 years.

These beautiful mixed pups are intelligent, energetic, affectionate, and sometimes stubborn. Their temperament makes them great companions. But their stubbornness is why they need proper training, plenty of socialization, and lots of play and work time outdoors. They need to be kept physically and mentally stimulated. But don’t worry—you can keep track of their location and daily exercise with the Fi Smart Dog Collar.

Adopt a Husky Collie Mix Today!

If you and your family have lots of land, or you love the outdoors and want to take your dog hiking or hunting, this is the perfect breed for you!

Make sure to always use a reputable breeder. Or you can search for dogs to adopt on PetFinder.com. Just type in the breed mix you’re looking for, and they will help you find your new furry best friend.

Whether working on the farm, or running through the woods, the husky collie mix wants to be by your side, helping you get the job done.