Fi has an extensive network of Rescue organizations nationwide that we provide Fi collars to during a dog’s time in foster care, and eventually extend this safety net to their new forever families. This allows the organization to keep an eye on the location & activity of each dog within their care, ensuring that every pup is where it’s supposed to be and getting the appropriate amount of physical activity. If you know of a rescue who we should be working with, email us at

Fi rescue partner, Soi Dog Foundation, continues to go above and beyond to save the lives of stray dogs in Thailand despite the current pandemic. In order to house more stray dogs in need, Soi Dog is working hard to expand their footprint in the midst of a worldwide shutdown, as well as their impact on all stray dogs in Thailand.

One of the main food sources for stray dogs in the area are scraps from local hotels and restaurants which, due to COVID-19, have temporarily closed. Because of this almost immediate lack of food for strays, Soi Dog is kicking their efforts into high gear by constructing multiple new kennels and communal dog runs for the influx of dogs in need. There are over 650 dogs at the Soi Dog Sanctuary in Phuket, many of which will need permanent homes after this crisis.

Travel restrictions worldwide have halted Soi Dog’s adoption rates - and further, local travel restrictions were put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Only 65% of the Sanctuary Staff members live locally, temporarily creating a steep decrease on the workforce normally needed to maintain the facility, as the remaining staff members were unable to enter the area. Luckily, those restrictions have recently been lifted.

Not only does Soi Dog support dogs within the sanctuary, but they provide food for dogs in remote areas and utilize their network of volunteers to reach every corner of the island (many of these dogs reside on construction sites, in the jungle, abandoned buildings, etc). Despite having rescued and aided so many dogs, they are still working to reach additional stray dogs in the community. Supporters, volunteers, and veterinarians are donating time and money to ensure the safety of these pups. Soi Dog has six mobile teams that work to catch, neuter, vaccinate, and return dogs to the areas in which they were found.

We spoke with the Soi Dog team to learn how Fi users can get involved to support their efforts:

  1. Donate. Currently, funds are going directly towards sanctuary expansion, which has been necessitated by the knock on effects of the pandemic.
  2. Social media sharing. Interacting and engaging with Soi Dog’s social channels is a great way to help spread their message with your own community.
  3. Consider adopting. Soon, the current travel restrictions will lift, and hundreds of dogs in the Soi Dog network will need new homes. Awareness of their adoption opportunities and partner rescue programs is vital to finding forever homes for these dogs all across the world.

You can donate to Soi Dog here, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.