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Bake (Dog-Friendly) Holiday Cookies

It wouldn't be the holiday season without an endless amount of cookies! Let your dog join in the fun by baking them some dog-friendly treats as well - we'll be releasing a list of our favorite recipes soon, but in the meantime, we suggest trying these gingerbread dog cookies and these Christmas dog biscuits.

Cut Down a Christmas Tree

Where's the fun in picking out a pre-cut tree? Take your dog to a local tree farm to scope out the perfect tree and cut it down yourself! Just be sure to call ahead to make sure that the farm allows dogs.

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Play in the Snow

There's no doubt that the most exciting day of the year is seeing the first snowflakes fall on the ground. Let your dog run around in the fresh snow to help them meet their step goals!

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Watch All the Best Holiday Movies

Did you know that there's a holiday movie about a dog GPS company? It's called 12 Pups of Christmas and it's a must-see! Grab some holiday cookies and snuggle up with your dog to binge watch all the holiday classics.

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Make a DIY Paw Print Ornament

These paw print ornaments are not only easy, but are also beautiful decoration for your tree! You can buy kits online which include everything you need, but for a do-it-yourself approach, you can find instructions on how to make them here.

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Play Indoor Games on Days That Are Too Cold

Sometimes it's just a little too cold and snowy to play outside - on days like this, try these brain games and scent games to keep your pup entertained. Playing holiday music in the background is also suggested.

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Snowball Fetch

Step up your normal game of fetch with snowballs! You dog may end up eating the snowball instead of bringing it back to you, but that's a part of the fun :)

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Try Out Some Winter Sports

Venture out of your comfort zone and take up a new sport with your dog! Skijoring is like cross-country skiing but with a dog or two leading the way, making it a great form of exercise for you both. This sport is best for dogs 35 pounds and up and it's important to invest in a good harness, as a collar will be too much pressure on their neck for this type of work. (But definitely keep that Fi collar on to make sure every step is recorded - it might be their biggest day yet!)

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