If you're a dog lover, chances are you've spent countless hours scrolling through TikTok videos of adorable pups doing all sorts of hilarious and heartwarming things. With so many talented dog owners and trainers on the app, it can be hard to know where to start.

That's why we've put together a list of 10 Dog TikTokers that we're completely obsessed with. From clever tricks and funny reactions to heart-melting moments of canine companionship, these creators have it all. So sit back, grab a bag of treats, and get ready to meet your new favorite furry friends!

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Tucker the Golden - @tuckerbudzyn


PART 1 | Based on that sniff test she’s been dead a week 🤢 IB: @noah_and_lincoln

♬ Excuse the Dog - Stationary Sign

Tucker is a golden retriever from Michigan who has become a TikTok sensation thanks to his adorable antics and lovable personality. Owned by a couple named Courtney and Linda, Tucker has amassed over 11 million followers on the app, making him one of the most popular dogs on TikTok. His videos often feature him performing tricks, playing with toys, and engaging in all sorts of shenanigans with his owners.

Stubby The Bulldog - @stubbythebulldog


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♬ original sound - babyhowardsbuddies

Stubby is an English Bulldog who has become a beloved figure on TikTok thanks to his adorable looks and lovable personality. With his wrinkly face and lovable demeanor, Stubby has quickly won over fans on the app, and his videos have garnered millions of likes. Whether he's relaxing at home or attempting to go out on a walk, Stubby always manages to bring a smile to his fans' faces.

Winston The Frenchie - @winstonthefrenchiee_


Raising!!!!! #petsoftiktok #dogsoftiktokviral #frenchiesoftiktok #nyc #rai

♬ Kiwi Doesnt Like Pooping In The Rain ORIGINAL - Kiwi Bug The Pug

It seems that French Bulldogs are just born to be comedic stars - we can't help but laugh at their antics! Winston has amassed over 260 thousand followers on the app with his hilarious and heartwarming videos. His videos often feature him dressed in cute outfits, performing silly tricks, and cuddling with his owner.

Celine Tails - @celinetails


Feed my belgian malinois puppy with me✨🫰🏻 #belgianmalinois #dogfeedingroutine #dogfoodrecipe

♬ original sound - CELINE

This content maker is a passionate dog lover who specializes in training and feeding tips for high-energy dogs. With a team of dogs, she regularly shares videos of their training sessions and daily routines on her social media accounts. Her videos often include helpful tips on topics like crate training, leash walking, and obedience commands, and she also offers advice on feeding and nutrition for active dogs.

Chip The Mini Weenie - @chip_the_mini_weenie


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♬ original sound - Jason Banks

Chip is a mini Dachshund puppy who has become a TikTok sensation thanks to his adorable antics and lovable personality. As a young pup, he's still learning the ropes, but his curiosity and playfulness are on full display in his videos. Whether he's exploring his new surroundings, playing with toys, or snuggling up with his owners, Chip's expressive face and wagging tail never fail to bring a smile to viewers' faces.

Willy Good Dog - @officialwillygooddog


But it’s water mom #drunkinlove #ivebeendrinking #funnydog #dog #thirsty

♬ Drunk in Love - Beyoncé

This Border Collie and Golden Retriever duo on TikTok are a hilarious pair that have captured the hearts of fans around the world. Their videos often showcase their silly antics and playful personalities, from chasing each other around the house to performing clever tricks. Despite their different breeds, the two dogs have an undeniable chemistry that shines through in their videos.

Hammy & Olivia - @hammyandolivia


Hammy cant reach things, so he asked his cat to help #teamwork #petsoftiktok #short

♬ original sound - Hammy & Olivia Corgi

Hammy and Olivia are a dynamic duo of two adorable Corgis that have become popular on TikTok for their playful and entertaining videos. With their unique personalities and cute looks, Hammy and Olivia capture the hearts of viewers with their funny antics, which often include playing together, snuggling with their owners, and performing clever tricks.

Chilaquil - @goldenchilaquil


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♬ original sound - Chilaquil

Chilaquil, a Golden Retriever originally from Toronto but now living in Mexico, has quickly become a popular entertainer on TikTok since the start of 2023. In just a few short weeks, Chilaquil has already amassed over 700,000 followers on the platform and received millions of views for his adorable and amusing videos. From his playful antics to heart-melting moments with his owners, Chilaquil's charm and irresistible personality have captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide.

Doug The Pug - @dougthepug


Things All Pugs Do - Part One! Humans of pugs, what did we miss? #dogsoftiktok #pugs #pugsoftiktok #dougthepug #fyp

♬ Married Life (From "Up") - Gina Luciani

When it comes to famous pugs, there's no one quite like Doug the Pug. With a massive following of 6 million fans, this lovable pup from Nashville has captured the hearts of dog lovers everywhere with his adorable videos. For pug lovers looking for a dose of cuteness, Doug the Pug is an absolute must-follow on social media.

Bunny - @whataboutbunny


Aww they keep having each other’s backs when it comes to getting out #siblings #gooddog #aic #fluentpet #iambunny

♬ original sound - I am Bunny

Bunny is a unique and fascinating dog who has taken social media by storm with her incredible ability to communicate using buttons. Her owner has trained her to press buttons with different words printed on them to indicate what she wants or needs. Bunny's videos have gone viral, and she has become a beloved figure on TikTok and Instagram with millions of followers.

Watching Bunny use her buttons to express herself is a true joy, and her videos are not only entertaining but also offer insight into the incredible intelligence and communicative abilities of dogs. If you're not already following Bunny, you're missing out on one of the most talented and lovable dogs on social media.

Final Thoughts

These furry friends offer us a glimpse into the joy and love that dogs bring into our lives. Whether you're looking for training tips, cute outfits, or just a daily dose of puppy love, the TikTok dog community has something for everyone. By following these furry stars, you can stay entertained, informed, and inspired by their stories and personalities.

So why not grab a snack, cuddle up with your own furry friend, and start exploring the world of dog TikTok today? Or better yet, start a TikTok for your pup and make sure to share it with us!

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♬ Can Can Wukileak - wüki