With summer just around the corner, this means time to break out the BBQ grill and get in that pool. While it’s easy to get caught up in the summer fun, it is important to remember to keep a good eye on your dog as well. Nothing can ruin a summer BBQ like a visit to the vet.

Here are some of our favorite tips to keep in mind when it is suns out, buns out time:


No bones! None! No way!

Let your guests know that while it may be tempting, they should not give bones or table scraps to the dogs. Cooked bones can splinter and become a choking hazard, or they can get lodged in areas like the stomach or intestine lining - making for a dreaded visit to the emergency vet.

Keep a Lid on It.

Dogs have a nose for finding a way in the trash but you can prevent it! Make sure to keep all garbage in the trash can and if possible, keep the lid closed. Your BBQ trash may contain dangerous things like kabob skewers, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil, as well as toxic leftovers like avocado (and guacamole), garlic, grapes, onions, and chocolate that can be toxic to dogs. Check out our guide on foods that are toxic to dogs: https://blog.tryfi.com/can-my-dog-eat-this/

Stayin' Cool.

Being the life of the party means staying hydrated and cool. Make sure you have fresh water out for your dog as well as some kind of shade. Beware of the signs of heatstroke, such as excessive panting and bright, red gums. Swimming and water games are great ways to keep your dog cool and entertained!


Hot! Hot! Hot!

Keep your dog away from the grill. The heat from the grill can burn your pup. Raw meats and seafood may also harm your dog, so make sure any uncooked food is away and in a safe place that your dog can't reach.

Is the Gate Closed?

Be proactive and let guests know to close the gate behind them. If you think you are going to be too busy grilling and chilling, you may want to put your pup inside to let them chill out too. Keeping them indoors will also minimize any fears of fireworks or other loud noises. We always suggest keeping a Fi collar on your pup, should they make an escape.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can have a great time enjoying the sunshine with your best buds. Happy grilling and cheers to making good memories this summer!