Belgian Malinois is a breed of versatile, confident, and smart world-class working and herding dog. This unique pet is known to forge an unbreakable bond with its human friend. Owning such a dog is both a privilege and a responsibility.

Apart from depending on their human friends for food and shelter, these pup friends require just a little more care and getting them a decent collar would take your friendship and show of concern a notch higher. These collars add an extra layer of protection, fashion, identification, and restraint.

Read on as we delve into the ultimate guide to Belgian Malinois collars.

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Best Dog Collars for Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois are well-known for their massive size, loyal attitude towards their owners, various patterns and coat colors, and generally sweet nature.

Here are our top selections of Belgian Malinois collars:

Fi GPS Tracking Dog Collar

Fi GPS tracking Dog Collar is ideal for helping keep your dog in the best shape. It enables you to track the dog's exertion levels and steps, which you can compare to other dogs of similar breeds within your neighborhood.

These tracking collars come in four core colors: pink, blue, gray, and yellow. They're a perfect fit for dogs whose neck sizes range between 11.5 and 34.5 inches. With its GPRS tracking feature, you'll instantly get a phone alert if your pup friend ever gets out unexpectedly.


  • Unmatched battery life lasting up to three months between charges
  • An accurate way to get notified when your dog escapes
  • Shows your dog's location history
  • Compatible with smartphone devices
  • Supports alarm applications
  • Waterproof

Modern Icon Tactical Collar

Modern Icon Tactical Collar is a 1.5-inch, lightweight dog collar designed for outdoor and urban use. It showcases a rugged appearance and is ideal for medium and large dog breeds. The collar features a velcro panel that allows you to attach accessories and identification patches directly to your puppy's collar. Its 1.5-inch-wide rigid design supports your dog's neck, preventing injury.

The collar's rigid nature lets you perfectly control your dog. It's crafted primarily for the Schutzhund (IPO) working dogs, Personal Protection dogs, Police (LEO), and Military (MWD) dogs.


  • Redundant klick-lock buckle, which allows you to depress both sides of the collar to release the buckle
  • Comes in great variants with lengths ranging from 13 to 17 inches
  • Ability to upgrade it to a climbing-rated buckle

Landshark Supply

Landshark supply is available in various sizes to accommodate different dog sizes. It's complemented with a high-quality thread, often color coordinated.

You'll attest to the collar's strong finish thanks to its high-quality webbing lines. If your dog aggressively attacks people, these collars would be a great option to handle them and curtail their quirky characters.

Shark fabrics come in shades of orange, gray, black, and blue, stitched around sturdy nylon webbing. The collars are accented with a Cast Nickel D ring and a matching contoured buckle. They're also triple-stitched at stress points.


  • All-metal hardware, including a COBRA buckle, adjustment slider, and a D-ring
  • Authentic AustriAIpin COBRA buckle for sporting 4,000 lbs breaking force
  • All finished and folded edges with no rough ends to irritate your canine friend's neck

What Makes a Collar Good for Belgian Malinois?

Many pet owners have trouble determining which dog collar suits their four-legged friend. These collars have been a mainstay of dog training equipment. They're common on pooches of different sizes and shapes and great for identifying that a dog has its owner.

Apart from understanding the significance of owning a collar, many may not understand its importance. Dog collars are safety devices that protect newborn pups from wandering off, especially when unfamiliar with a new environment and landscape. Lack of it might cause your pup friend to go missing in highly populated or crowded areas.

Purchased, adopted, and newborn puppies must acclimate to their new environment for nearly a year. Taking them on a walk around and within your neighborhood is imperative.

Over time, they can retrace their way back home upon familiarizing themselves with your regular walk routes. The training session is essential, so your pet should wear a collar and leash as it explores the neighborhood.

Modern Belgian Malinois collars come with GPS tracking features. This provides your pet with an extra layer of security. It helps you track the specific location of your dog, and you can always get alerts whenever the dog goes outside the expected jurisdiction.

While collars with GPS tracking features tend to be a little expensive, they're worth investing in to protect your Belgian Malinois.

How Do I Choose a Good Collar for My Belgian Malinois?

Choosing a suitable collar for your Belgian Malinois might be daunting, especially if it's your first time. Follow the guidelines below to make the right pick.

Measure Your Belgian Malinois' Neck

Grab a soft measuring tape and measure your puppy's neck before purchasing a collar. You don't have a soft measuring tape? Don't worry. Use a long string, then measure the required length against a stiff measuring tape or a ruler.

Measure around your Belgian Malinois neck where the collar will sit. While doing so, ensure you can slip your two fingers between your dog's neck and the measuring tape.

Choose the Correct Weight and Width for Your Belgian Malinois Size

Dog collars come in different sizes, so you'd want to be sure your canine friend's wearing a width appropriate for its neck size. Belgian Malinois falls under large dog breeds that require at least a one-inch wide collar.

Remember, the collar width further determines the weight of the collar. This should guide you in choosing the collar material as well. Whereas biothane and nylon will be light, leather will likely be heavier.

Consider Your Dog's Growth

If you're buying a collar for your puppy, ensure you periodically adjust its tightness as your pup friend grows. Being able to slip two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck ensures the collar is snug enough that your dog can't slip away when it sees a squirrel and, at the same time, ensures the collar isn't too tight around your canine friend's neck.

Your Dog's Temperament

Ideally, a big, energetic shepherd or worker dog would fit within a head halter collar. However, the martingale collars might benefit dogs with slender necks and smaller heads. Always consider your Belgian Malinois' build and walking etiquette as you purchase.

If there was a picture to define the term “loyal dog” Raven’s photo would be next to the term. She is an amazing dog, loyal, full of fun and always willing to do stuff with you! An absolute joy to live with! She’s also my demo dog in my dog training business and she helps me train client dogs.

What Material Is Best for Belgian Malinois Collars?

Dog collars are made from different materials. Not all of these materials may be appropriate for your pup friend. The best material will depend on your priorities.

If you're an environmentalist who loves to advocate for nature-friendly materials, consider the beaded dog collars, often known to be eco-friendly. These green collar materials are light, durable, and non-toxic to your dog.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a classy collar for your pup, going for one made from leather might be a great deal. Leather collars are also durable and can keep your dog secure and safe. Lastly, a nylon collar can be an excellent option for those looking to buy an inexpensive but durable Belgian Malinois collar.

Does a Belgian Malinois Need a Special Collar?

Belgian Malinois take part in many activities, and you might need a specific collar for each. Each of these collars comes with a pair of patches bearing different prints.

For instance, if your dog is a guard, you can attach the patch marked "Security". On the other hand, when you're training your pup, you can attach the patch marked "In training". Some of the patches might include:

  • Therapy dog
  • Customs, sheriff
  • Military K-9
  • Security
  • Service dog
  • Police K-9
  • Search and Rescue
  • In training

Choosing leather collars over nylon collars might be difficult. These elegant dog collars bring your dog an additional layer of uniqueness, and their restrained style would emphasize your Belgian Malinois' beauty. Don't forget its top-high quality.

Belgian Malinois

How Does a GPS Collar Keep Your Belgian Malinois Safe?

A GPS dog collar is an innovative technology to help keep your Belgian Malinois safe and secure. It offers various features designed to bring all a pet parent requires to ensure their four-legged friend gets the desired care.

Avoid Losing Your Dog

The device, connected to a GPS tracking system, attaches to your canine's collar and allows you to monitor the dog's specific location from anywhere. It offers peace of mind and a great sense of security as it lets you know your pup's location at all times, even when they're out of range or lost.

Track Activity and Sleep

The smart GPS track collar is also useful in knowing your dog's sleep, activity, and health. It can monitor the number of steps the dog takes and the walks you go on. For any working dog, it is important to make sure you stay on top of your dog's health.

Choose the Best Collar for Your Belgian Malinois

Dog collars are important devices to help keep Belgian Malinois, among other dog breeds, safe and secure while offering you peace of mind. These all-weather wearable gadgets feature comfy, quick-release buckles and are highly durable.

You no longer have to worry about the whereabouts of your canine friend as this device gives real-time information about its specific location. The device further helps you keep track of your dog's physical activities and health.

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TryFi's The Fi Dog Collar is a must-have for any pet parent, it's a GPS tracking collar that helps you keep tabs on your dog's location, activity, and sleep patterns, and alerts you if they escape your backyard.