When it comes to our beloved Border Collies, finding the best collar is crucial. A collar serves as more than just a fashion statement; it is a practical tool for identification, control, and safety. With the wide variety of collars available on the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider when selecting a collar for your Border Collie and recommend some top options. Let's dive in!

Border Collies are highly energetic and intelligent dogs that require regular physical and mental stimulation. They thrive on activity and love exploring their surroundings. Considering their energy levels is vital when selecting a collar.

Due to their natural herding instincts and curiosity, Border Collies may have a tendency to wander or chase after objects. It is essential to have proper control over them during walks and outdoor activities. Additionally, a collar should ensure the safety of your dog by securely holding identification tags.

Best Collars for Border Collies:

Below are the best heavy-duty collar options for your Border Collie.

1. Fi GPS Tracking Dog Collar

Fi GPS Tracking Dog Collar

The Fi GPS Tracking Dog Collar is a cutting-edge option for pet lovers who want to keep a close eye on their dogs' whereabouts. This collar is equipped with advanced GPS technology that allows real-time tracking through a smartphone app. Some key features and benefits of the Fi GPS Tracking Dog Collar include:

·         GPS Tracking: The collar utilizes GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of your Border Collie dog, giving you peace of mind and the ability to track their movements even in remote areas.

·         Geofencing: You can set up virtual boundaries using the smartphone app, and if your dog ventures outside these boundaries, you will receive an instant notification. This feature ensures that your dog stays within a safe and predefined area under your supervision.

·         Activity Monitoring: The collar keeps track of your dog's daily activity levels, including steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. This information can be valuable in assessing your dog's overall fitness and ensuring they are getting enough exercise.

·         Durable Design: The Fi GPS Tracking Dog Collar is made with high-quality materials to withstand rugged conditions. It is waterproof and resistant to impact, ensuring its longevity in outdoor environments.

Also, the Fi GPS Tracking Dog Collar is water- and dirt-proof, allowing you to hit the hiking trails with your furry buddy without worry. As the collar's name suggests, it has a GPS tracker with more GPS satellites and a 200% LTE signal to track your canine mate even in the most remote areas.


  • Three months battery life from one charge
  • 400lbs+ resistance
  • IP68 & IP66K certified waterproof
  • 200% LTE signal

2. Wildside Dog Collar

The Wildside brand is synonymous with quality, innovation, and a passion for outdoor exploration. The Wildside Fi Compatible Collar embodies these values by combining style, functionality, and advanced tracking technology in one exceptional collar.

Key Features and Benefits

Adventure-Inspired Designs: Wildside Fi Compatible Collar offers a range of adventure-inspired designs that capture the essence of the great outdoors. Whether it's rugged landscapes, wildlife motifs, or nature-inspired patterns, these collars allow your dog's adventurous spirit to shine through. Choose a design that resonates with your outdoor lifestyle and reflects your dog's untamed personality.

Seamlessly Integrated Fi Tracking Technology: The Wildside Fi Compatible Collar seamlessly integrates with the Fi tracking technology, allowing you to stay connected with your dog's whereabouts in real time. The collar securely holds the Fi tracker, which connects to your mobile device through the Fi app. With this advanced tracking system, you can set up virtual boundaries, receive escape notifications, and track your dog's adventures with ease.

Built for Durability and Outdoor Exploration: Wildside Fi Compatible Collar is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration. Crafted with high-quality materials, these collars are designed to be water-resistant, dirt-resistant, and resilient against the elements. Whether your dog loves hiking, swimming, or rolling in the mud, the Wildside collar can handle it all, ensuring it remains in top condition throughout your adventures.

Customizable Options: Personalization adds a special touch to your dog's collar, and Wildside Fi Compatible Collar offers customizable options to make it uniquely theirs. Add your dog's name, contact information, or a personalized message to the collar, ensuring it stands out from the pack. This level of personalization adds an extra layer of identification and showcases your dog's individuality.

3. Pimped Out Pup Collar

The Pimped Out Pup Collar is designed to elevate your dog's style and turn heads wherever you go. With its sleek and trendy designs, this collar ensures that your pup is always the center of attention. But it's not just about looks—this collar also incorporates cutting-edge technology to keep your dog safe and secure. The Pimped Out Pup Fi compatible Collars are a testament to their dedication, providing dog owners with a collar that combines style, technology, and convenience.

Key Features and Benefits

Fashion-Forward Designs: Pimped Out Pup Collar offers a wide array of fashion-forward designs to suit every dog's unique personality and style. From vibrant patterns to sleek and minimalist aesthetics, there's a design that will make your pup shine. Express your dog's individuality and showcase their fashion sense with the Pimped Out Pup collar.

Advanced Fi Tracking Technology: The Pimped Out Pup Fi Collar is equipped with advanced Fi tracking technology, ensuring you can always keep tabs on your dog's whereabouts. The collar seamlessly integrates with the Fi app on your mobile device, allowing you to track your dog in real time, set virtual boundaries, and receive escape alerts if they stray too far. Rest easy knowing that you can monitor your dog's safety and locate them instantly with this innovative tracking system.

Premium Quality and Durability: The Pimped Out Pup Fi Collar is crafted with premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. The collar is designed to withstand the rigors of daily wear, whether it's outdoor adventures or everyday activities. The high-quality construction guarantees that the collar remains intact and retains its stylish appearance even after extended use.

Customization Options for Personal Expression: Personalization is key when it comes to dog accessories, and the Pimped Out Pup Fi Collar offers customization options to add a personal touch. Choose from engraving your dog's name, contact information, or a special message on the collar. This feature not only adds a unique touch but also serves as a form of identification in case your dog gets lost.

In conclusion, when selecting the best collar for your Border Collie, consider their specific needs in terms of tracking, control, comfort, and visibility. The Fi GPS Tracking Dog Collar offers advanced GPS technology, geofencing, and activity monitoring. The Wildside Collar provides an adjustable fit, a reflective strip, and a quick-release buckle. The Pimped Out Pup Collar combines elegance, durability, and comfort. Choose the collar that best suits your family dog's requirements and enjoy a safe and successful companion experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Collar

Border Collie

Before selecting a collar for your Border Collie, it's critical to consider several factors:

  1. Size and Fit: Border Collies come in different sizes, so it's crucial to measure your dog's neck accurately and choose a collar that provides a comfortable and secure fit.
  2. Durability and Material: Opt for high-quality materials that can withstand rough play, resist chewing, and maintain their integrity over time. Nylon, leather, and biothane collars are popular choices.
  3. Safety Features: Look for collars with safety features like breakaway buckles or quick-release mechanisms to prevent accidents and ensure easy removal in emergencies.
  4. Training Needs: Consider whether you need a collar specifically designed for training purposes, such as a martingale collar or a training collar. These collars offer additional control and aid in behavior correction.
  5. Special Requirements: If your Border Collie has specific needs, such as a sensitive neck or a tendency to escape, there are collars available that cater to these requirements.

Types of Collars for Border Collies

There are several types of collars available, each with its advantages and considerations. Let's explore the most common options suitable for Border Collies:

1. Flat Collars

Flat collars, also known as buckle collars, are the most basic and commonly used collars. They consist of a strap with a buckle or quick-release closure. While flat collars are suitable for everyday use and ID tags, they may not provide enough control for dogs that pull excessively.

2. Martingale Collars

Martingale collars, also called limited-slip collars, are designed to provide more control without choking the dog. They feature a section that tightens when tension is applied but doesn't fully close like a choke collar. Martingale collars are especially useful for dogs with narrow heads, like Border Collies, as they prevent them from slipping out of the collar.

3. Head Collars

Head collars, such as the popular "gentle leader" or "halti," are designed to gently steer a dog's head and provide control. They wrap around the dog's snout and neck, redirecting their attention and discouraging pulling. Head collars require a proper fitting and gradual introduction to ensure comfort and acceptance.

4. Harnesses

Harnesses are an alternative to traditional collars and are suitable for dogs prone to neck injuries or those who pull excessively. They distribute the force evenly across the dog's body, reducing strain on the neck. Front-clip harnesses are particularly effective for discouraging pulling, as they redirect the dog's forward motion.

Tips for Proper Collar Fit

Border Collie collar consideration

Regardless of the collar type you choose, ensuring a proper fit is crucial for your Border Collie's comfort and safety. Follow these tips to achieve the right fit:

  1. Measure your dog's neck using a soft measuring tape. Allow for a two-finger gap between the collar and your Border Collie's neck to ensure it's not too tight.
  2. Check for the collar's adjustability. Ensure you can modify the collar's size to accommodate your Border Collie's growth or changes in weight.
  3. Regularly inspect the collar for signs of wear and tear, such as frayed materials or loose stitching. Replace the collar if it becomes damaged to maintain your dog's safety.
  4. Monitor your Border Collie's behavior and comfort level when wearing the collar. If you notice any signs of discomfort or irritation, consider adjusting the fit or exploring alternative collar options.

Essential Training Tips for Collar Introduction

Introducing a collar to your Border Collie, especially for puppies or dogs unfamiliar with wearing one, requires patience and positive reinforcement. Follow these training tips for a smooth transition:

  1. Start gradually by allowing your Border Collie to sniff and examine the collar before attempting to put it on. Use treats and praise to create positive associations.
  2. Place the collar gently around your Border Collie's neck, making sure it's not too tight or too loose. Reward your dog with treats and praise for calm behavior.
  3. Keep initial collar-wearing sessions short and supervised. Gradually increase the duration as your Border Collie becomes more comfortable.
  4. Use positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats, praise, and play, whenever your Border Collie displays calm and relaxed behavior while wearing the collar.
  5. Make wearing the collar a positive experience by associating it with enjoyable activities, such as walks, playtime, or receiving treats.


Choosing the best collar for your Border Collie is essential for their comfort, safety, and overall well-being. Consider their unique needs, activity level, and any specific requirements when selecting a collar. Whether you opt for a traditional flat collar, a martingale collar, a harness, or any other specialized collar, prioritize their comfort and ensure a proper fit. With the right collar, your Border Collie will be ready to embark on adventures while staying safe and stylish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some most frequently asked questions about the best dog collar for border collies:

Q1. Can I use a collar for my Border Collie training sessions?

A: Yes, collars such as martingale collars or training collars can be used as training aids. However, it's necessary to use them correctly and in conjunction with positive reinforcement techniques. Seek professional guidance to ensure proper usage.

Q2. Are LED collars safe for my Border Collie?

A: LED collars are generally safe for dogs. However, always supervise your Border Collie when wearing any type of collar and ensure that the LED collar is designed for dog use and is comfortable and non-restrictive.

Q3. How often should I check the fit of my Border Collie's collar?

A: Regularly inspect your Border Collie's collar for fit and signs of wear and tear. Check the fit at least once a month or whenever you notice any changes in your dog's size or weight.

Q4. Can I use a head collar for a strong-pulling Border Collie?

A: Head collars can be effective in managing pulling behaviors, but they should be introduced gradually and used under the guidance of a professional dog trainer. It's essential to ensure a proper fit and follow proper training techniques.

Q5. Are waterproof collars suitable for swimming?

A: Yes, waterproof collars are designed to withstand water exposure, making them suitable for swimming activities. However, always check the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure the specific collar is suitable for water use.