Looking for a gift for your dog that won’t drive you crazy? Let’s check out the top non-squeaky dog toys on the market!

Does your pup absolutely love hearing that crazy squeaker over and over and over again as they chew and play? I often watch my dog actively searching for the squeaker in her toys until she finds it. And once she does, she’s so excited and proud of herself! She’ll squeak it about 20 times over.

Here and there, the squeaker sound isn’t so bad. But when it gets too repetitive, I’m trying to work, or I have company over… I really don’t love the high-pitched sound in my ear.

And with aggressive chewers—is it really safe to have a dog toy with a squeaker in it? Let’s take a look into some of the best non-squeaker toys of 2021.

Do dogs love or hate squeaky toys?

If you haven’t noticed, most dogs absolutely love squeaky toys! But why? What is it about that crazy sound that they love so much?

Well… it’s honestly because it sounds similar to the prey they would have been hunting out in the wild. The desire to catch this squeaky animal is definitely instinctual. There have actually been studies done to determine which aspect of toys attract dogs to them more.

“Researchers think that dogs perceive toys the same way that wolves perceive prey. They like toys that smell like food, make noise, and can be torn apart. However, be careful with toys that break into small pieces that can be harmful if swallowed.”

Is it bad to give dogs squeaky toys?

On top of us not loving the sound of the squeaker toys, should we really be giving them to our pups? Our dogs absolutely love them, which is why it’s hard to take them away. But squeaky toys can be pretty dangerous. What happens if your dog starts tearing up a toy? They get to this little, plastic squeaker… and they accidentally swallow it.

Squeakers can quickly become a choking hazard, cause digestive issues, and create intestinal blockage problems. So let’s find some toys that your dog will love just as much… but without all the risk.

Is stuffing in toys bad for dogs?

While we’re talking about risk, let’s also talk about toys with stuffing. Because our canines can be aggressive chewers, they will most certainly end up tearing the toy apart. Now you’ve got loose stuffing—or sometimes those tiny beans—flying around everywhere.

The toy filling can get stuck in your dog’s teeth, or they may end up eating some of the filling. That also becomes a choking hazard. Which creates digestive and intestinal blockage issues… like the squeakers. Just keep this in mind as you search for your pup’s next favorite toy.

Why does my dog tear apart his toys?

Ever wonder why in the world our dogs love to tear their toys apart? The reason for this could be instinctual. Spirit Dog Training says: “For your dog, the desire to destroy a stuffed animal can be as simple as instinct. If your dog has a high prey drive, they view the toy as their prey and destroy it, as they have been bred to do for hundreds of years.”

Other reasons dogs destroy their toys:

  • Anxiety or boredom

If your pup feels bored, anxious, or stressed… they will probably take it out on their toys—or one of your belongings. The best idea is to make sure they are getting plenty of outdoor exercise.

  • Active chewer breeds

Some breeds are more aggressive chewers than others because they are “strong-jawed dogs.” These dogs need tougher toys that will withstand all of the destruction.

  • Learned habits

If your dog learned to tear up their toys as a puppy, this could just be a long-term habit. They see this as a normal play activity.

Best non-squeaky dogs toys on the market

Now for the fun part… the toys! Let’s check out some of the most popular non-squeaker toys out there.

1. FGA Marketplace Flat No Squeak Plush Dog Toy

These toys come in multiple animal options to choose from, or you can purchase a pack of 2 toys. They are plush, 21 inches long, and have no squeakers.

2. Aduck Puppy Dog Rope Chew Toy

This elephant-shaped toy is actually made from a cotton rope, and is great for chewing and teeth cleaning.

3. Fluff & Tuff Squeakerless Red Squirrel

This cute, soft squirrel is 12 inches long, ultra-plush, and has no squeaker.

4. ChuckIt! Kick Fetch Ball

This popular ball is great for playing with your dog outdoors. And there’s no squeaker involved!

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