If you are bringing a new puppy home, chances are one of the first toys you pick up at the store is a squeaky toy!

This toy has widespread popularity, and for good reason...Dogs absolutely love them!

dog with squeaky toy

In fact, dogs are peculiar in that they seem to prefer squeaky toys far above other types of toys you buy them. This may have caused you to stop and wonder, “why do dogs like squeaky toys?”

We were curious too. That’s why today, we are doing a deep dive into the reason behind this phenomena to help you pick out the very best toys for your little pup! Are you ready? Let’s go!

The Reason Dogs Love Squeaky Toys

“Squeak, squeak, squeak!” It seems like once your dog latches on to a squeaky toy, you are doomed to hear this sound until the end of time!

The reason that dogs love this type of toy is that it brings out their most animal instinct— The prey instinct.

It is important to remember that the cute, snuggly, slobbery pup in front of you is actually a descendant from wolves! Wolves are an apex predator in the wild and they are great at one thing— Hunting.

What happens when your pet dog gets their teeth on a squeaky toy is that they are actually carrying out some of their most primal instincts (in a totally safe and harmless way!) Soft squeaky toys are the closest thing that a dog can get to the real hunting experience in that it simulates a prey animal. Naturally, when dogs hunt, they tend to go for smaller, softer animals such as rabbits, squirrels, mice, and more. All of these creatures also have a high-pitch call.

You might wonder why a dog will keep playing with a squeaky toy for hours on end?

The reason behind this is because the squeaker actually creates a positive reward loop. It creates instant gratification every time they gnaw down on the squeaker, and the cycle continues.

Benefits of Squeaky Toys

Now that you know the core reason behind the question, “why do dogs like squeaky toys?” Let’s talk about the benefits of them!

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Dogs love to chew, hunt, slobber, run, etc. These traits are just ingrained in them! Since dogs love to chew, it is incredibly important to teach them about what is okay to chew in your house. Anyone that has ever had a puppy knows that they’ll chew on anything they can get their teeth into— Corner of the couch, books, the table leg, or your favorite pair of shoes…

That’s why providing them with a toy that they are allowed to chew on is perfect! When you see your dog playing with a dog toy, be sure to positively reinforce this by giving them a pet, treat, or playing with them. This will reinforce that playing with toys is a good thing, and it will salvage the other items in your house- trust us!

Beyond just being a life-saver for your favorite household items, chew toys play an important role in your dog’s health. For dogs that are particularly anxious, chew toys are an excellent ways for dogs to work out some of their extra energy and feel more calm! If your dog hates going to the vet or riding in the car, consider bringing a toy along and see what a difference it can make.

Additionally, as puppies grow older, they have new incoming teeth. This can actually be quite painful for them! Having a squeaky toy to chew on is perfect for relieving some of that pain in a fun way.

Regarding dental health, chewing on a squeaky toy is the perfect way for a dog to keep their teeth nice and clean, and therefore their gums good and healthy.

You’ll never look at a squeaky toy the same way again!

Things to Watch Out for with Squeaky Toys

For all of the benefits that squeaky toys have, there is something to watch out for.

If your dog is adept at chewing on a squeaky toy until they actually release the squeaker, then this is potentially dangerous. The squeaker inside of dog toys is not meant to be swallowed! This is especially important if you have small kids around as this is a choking hazard.

jack russel with his toys

If your dog does swallow a squeaker, do not try to retrieve it yourself or have your dog throw up. The best next step is to call a vet immediately to have it professionally removed. Luckily, this is not typically a problem- just something to be aware of.

Get Your Dog a Squeaky Toy Today

There you have it, the real reason that dogs love squeaky toys!

We may look at our dogs as goofy, adorable pups, but remember that they are descendants of the mighty wolf and they are built to hunt and chew! A durable chew toy is the perfect way to help them get in touch with this instinct— While preserving your household and sanity!

You’ll be amazed by the many other benefits that dogs receive from something as simple as a chew toy:

  • Better dental health and hygiene
  • Pain relief
  • Lower anxiety

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