Yes—dogs can safely eat plain edamame beans. They are not toxic to dogs. There are actually some nice health benefits to eating edamame beans. They contain omega-3, calcium, protein, fiber, and vitamin C. Fiber helps with digestive health, and omega-3 is the vitamin that helps your dog have a healthy coat and skin.

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Do Dogs Like Edamame?

Most dogs will LOVE edamame! It’s a delicious, crunchy treat. And it’s a special “people food” snack. But the bigger questions are… Is edamame safe for dogs? How much edamame can my dog eat? And can edamame hurt dogs? The short answer is that dogs can eat edamame.

But the long answer gets into more of the specifics of how much to give them, and what the positives and negatives are of feeding edamame to dogs. And if you’re curious about other safe and non-safe foods for dogs, check out the Off Leash! Blog on But first things first… What is edamame?

Is Edamame Soy?

Do you give your dog scraps off the table? Maybe you’re a big fan of Asian foods, and you love those delicious edamame beans! And from time to time, your dog gets to love and enjoy them too. But what are edamame beans, exactly?

According to, “Edamame beans are whole, immature soybeans, sometimes referred to as vegetable-type soybeans. They are green and differ in color from regular soybeans, which are typically light brown, tan or beige.”

Edamame is typically sold while still in its pod, but the pods are not supposed to be eaten. And if you don’t like having to pop them out of the pod each time, you can find some grocery stores that sell “shelled” edamame.

How Much Edamame Can My Dog Eat?

Although there are some health benefits, there is a little controversy around feeding your dog edamame. The reason you wouldn’t want your dog to eat too much of it is because edamame is soy.

Soy can be a common food allergen for dogs. You may not see an instant reaction, but too much edamame or soy over time can cause excessive scratching and licking, ear infections, hair loss, diarrhea, and vomiting. Although it’s not as big of a food allergen as a lot of animal meats and byproducts, and wheat—it still may be more trouble than it's worth. And because of the high fiber content, too much edamame can cause diarrhea, bloating, gas, or even constipation. But if you do let your dog eat edamame, do so in small doses.

Can Edamame Hurt Dogs?

In addition to the potential food allergies your dog can have, there are a couple of other things to watch out for when considering letting your dog eat edamame.

First, let’s talk about the pods. The pods themselves are not toxic or harmful. However, it can be difficult for a dog to digest. Just like how humans don’t eat the pods, it’s best to not let your dog eat the pods either. They can be a choking hazard or create an internal blockage, especially for smaller dogs.

Also, try to avoid giving your dog any edamame that has been cooked with salt, oils or spices. These can dehydrate your dog. And any processed edamame snacks could have other non-organic additives that could cause your dog some issues.


3 Easy & Safe Ways to Serve Your Dog Edamame


Serving edamame raw is the easiest way to feed it to your dog. Just pop the beans out of the pods, and sprinkle them on top of their food bowl at meal time.


Dogs typically like a good crunchy treat. But before you freeze the edamame, make sure to take the beans out of the pods. Frozen pods would be an especially dangerous choking hazard. (And senior dogs may have a difficult time eating something hard like this.)

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Steamed or Cooked

If you’re cooking some edamame for yourself, you could make a little extra for your pup. But as always, take the beans out of the pods to avoid any choking or digestion issues. And remember—no oils, salts, or seasonings on your dog’s edamame. You might like the taste, but they won’t like the after effect.


You can mash up raw or cooked edamame beans, and add this to your dog’s diet. Just remember to serve it in small amounts.

Dogs Can Eat Edamame

Yes, edamame is safe and healthy for your dog to eat, but in small doses. Make sure to remove the pods, and don’t add any extra oils or seasonings to your pups edamame. If you do those few simple things, edamame can be an easy, healthy treat for little fur baby.

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