On pizza, in salads, in drinks - olives are a great topping that many of us love. But you may have asked yourself, "Are olives safe for dogs too?"

Can Dogs Eat Olives?

Olives are not toxic, however they should be eaten in moderation. Plain, unsalted olives can provide your dog with various nutrients and act as a healthy snack here and there.

Though olives themselves are considered safe for dogs to eat, the pit inside them can be a hazard. If consumed, pits can cause blockages in their intestines or pose a choking hazard. Chewing on olive pits can also crack your dog's teeth, so if you are going to give your dog an olive, remove the pit first.

olives and olive oil

You should also avoid canned or pickled olives, as these often contain high levels of sodium, which can lead to dehydration or at worst, toxicity.

What If My Dog Eats Too Many Olives?

If overfed, dogs can experience stomach upset, diarrhea, and digestive pain. If your dog experiences any of those symptoms, it's likely not necessary to rush to the vet, but you should stop feeding them olives altogether, as not all dogs have the same tolerance for different foods.

You will want to contact your veterinarian immediately if the pit causes a cracked tooth or if the pit gets lodged in your dog's airway.

The best way to avoid any illness or injury is to feed olives in moderation, only feed unsalted, plain olives, and always remove the pit.

olive oil

Can Dogs Eat Olive Oil?

Olive oil is safe for dogs and can actually provide them with a lot of benefits! Olive oil is a much better option to give your dog than olives, as it provides many benefits, without the high sodium levels.

Olive oil contains phytonutrients, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids - which work together to keep your dog’s skin moisturized and add a beautiful shine to their coat.

Supplementing your dog's diet with olive oil can also boost your dog's immune system! The antioxidants found in olive oil, such as Vitamin E, protect your dog's cell membranes from free radical damage, and therefore from illness, dementia, cardiovascular disease, and tissue damage.

If you have a picky eater, drizzling some olive oil on top of their food can make it taste better and makes food more appealing!

can dogs eat olive oil

A good rule of thumb when feeding your dog olive oil is 1 teaspoon of olive oil for every 20 pounds of body weight. You can mix this in with their dry or wet food daily. Extra virgin olive oil is best, as it has a lower acid content.

You can also check out these recipes for Homemade Olive Oil Dog Biscuits and Olive Oil Dog Treats as an even tastier way to incorporate olive oil into your dog's diet!

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