Can I give my dog rice cakes as a treat? And is rice safe for dogs to eat in general?

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Looking for fun new treats to give your pup? Thinking about sharing your rice cakes? Rice is a bland and relatively healthy food for us. But what about for dogs?

Is it OK to Feed My Dog Rice Cakes?

Many people ask what foods they can give their dogs as a special treat at home. But before you start sharing your food, always check and make sure the food isn’t toxic or harmful to dogs. And keep in mind that some foods may not be toxic, but they still aren’t the healthiest choice for your pup. tells us that “plain rice cakes broken into little pieces” make for a nice, low-calorie snack for dogs. And organic rice cakes would be the healthiest option. Just keep in mind that snacks in general, even the healthiest ones, should only be given in moderation.

Your dog’s treats should only make up 10% of their diet. And the other 90% should come from nutritionally-balanced dog food.

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Can Dogs Be Allergic to Rice Cakes?

It is possible for your dog to have a rice allergy. In this case, rice cakes shouldn’t be given as a snack anymore. Although most dogs are completely fine with eating rice, allergic reactions to rice can show themselves in many symptoms:

  • Loss of hair
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Rashes and dry or itchy skin
  • Stomach upset—vomiting, diarrhea, etc.
  • Obsessive chewing and licking of their paws
  • The pads of their paws are red and inflamed

If you do notice these symptoms, stop feeding your dog any rice products. And take your dog into the vet, so they can check on your dog’s health and wellness.

Can Puppies Eat Caramel Rice Cakes?

Keep in mind that if you choose to feed your dog or puppy some rice cakes, it should be the completely plain ones. Other versions like caramel rice cakes will have added sugars that are not only unhealthy for your pup, but can cause stomach upset like vomiting and diarrhea.

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Is Rice Good for Dogs?

As long as your dog isn’t allergic to rice, it’s a very mild and bland food that is good for dogs with an upset stomach. It especially helps to calm things down when they are having diarrhea. Rice is easily digestible, and is fine as a snack here and there. But rice should not be your dog’s primary diet.

It can be mixed with chicken or eggs, as a fun treat. But remember… as with all snacks for dogs, make sure you don’t add any extras. No sugar, butter, salt, oils, seasonings, sauces, etc. All of these can cause your dog to have more stomach issues. And seasonings or sauces that contain onion or garlic are very harmful to dogs. Even adding butter and salt will just cause your dog to have health and weight issues.

Is White Rice or Brown Rice Better for Dogs?

Trying to decide which rice to pick? Which rice is better for dogs: brown rice or white rice? They both have their advantages. Brown rice definitely has more health benefits overall like providing protein, being lower in fat, and having a higher fiber content.

But white rice is typically the better option if you’re picking rice to help ease your dog’s diarrhea. White rice is easier for dogs to chew because brown rice can get a little too chewy. And white rice is more easily digestible.

Can I Feed My Dog Rice and Chicken?

Always consult your veterinarian when changing up your dog’s diet. But yes, chicken and rice is safe and healthy for your dog. And it’s a great bland food combination for dogs with upset stomachs.

“The Merck Veterinary Manual recommends feeding a bland diet of rice and boiled chicken for dogs with upset stomachs,” says the American Kennel Club. But again, consult your vet. This shouldn’t be your dog’s ongoing diet. And it’s always best to let your vet know what’s going on with your dog’s health, in case there are other underlying issues.

Can I Feed My Dog Rice and Eggs?

Yes! The VCA Hospitals tell us that “unseasoned scrambled eggs are another good protein source for tummies in turmoil.” Mix that with some white rice, and your pup’s stomach should start to feel at ease.

Can Dogs Eat Rice as a Snack?

By now, you’ve found out that the answer is YES! Rice is bland and calming for a pup’s tummy. And plain rice cakes, broken into small pieces, are completely fine as a snack. As long as you practice moderation, you are sure to have a happy, healthy dog.

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