Wanting to change things up with your pup’s food? Looking to feed your dog an extra special treat with sour cream? But wait… is sour cream safe for dogs to eat?

Whether you’re trying to make up a new doggy treat at home, or your dog got into the container of sour cream on their own… let’s find out whether or not sour cream is a safe food choice for your sweet pup.

Is Sour Cream Bad for Dogs?

If your dog isn’t lactose intolerant, then small amounts of sour cream is ok. And low-fat sour cream is the best option to use. Sour cream is typically high in fat and high in calories. Feeding your dog too much will increase your dog’s chances of stomach upset, obesity, and other issues that come with that like joint pain, heart problems, diabetes, etc.

bowl of sour cream

Also, there are added preservatives in sour cream that won’t harm your pup. But it’s best to stick with natural, whole foods for your dog to keep them the healthiest they can be.

Is Dairy Bad for Dogs?

Some dogs can be lactose intolerant, just like humans. So anytime you want to try feeding your dog some dairy, try just a little bit first. Then wait and see how your dog reacts. If your dog doesn’t have any adverse effects, then dairy is just fine!

What Kind of Cream Can Dogs Eat?

In general, dogs can eat any type of dairy because it’s not toxic for them. However, that doesn’t mean that they should. Just like with sour cream, dairy products in general are fatty, high in calories, and many contain large amounts of sugar. So they aren’t the most nutritional treats to feed your pup.

But if you do choose to let your dog indulge from time to time, make sure it’s in small amounts. And remember that treats of any kind—even healthy ones—should only make up 10% of your dog’s diet. The other 90% should be coming from their nutritionally-balanced dog food diet.  

dog eating ice cream

Is it OK for Dogs to Eat Ice Cream?

Lots of people love to give their furry best friend a delicious frozen treat over the summer time. You might see people getting their dog a small vanilla cone at the local ice cream shop. Although this isn’t toxic because most dogs can tolerate dairy… it should only be an occasional treat.

In addition to dairy containing high fat, high calories, and some sugar… ice cream itself contains tons of extra sugar. Over time, this type of treat will cause real problems with obesity and diabetes. Occasionally, it’s ok to give your dog a small amount of plain, vanilla ice cream. But remember, they may end up with stomach issues because of the fat and sugar.

whipped cream on a waffle

Is it OK to Give Dogs Whipped Cream?

Ever seen those “puppuccinos” at Starbucks? Other coffee shops have joined the trend, and they will offer your pooch a small cup of whipped cream. Thankfully, whipped cream is so airy, that it’s not nearly as creamy, fatty, or sugary as ice cream. Meaning this type of sweet treat isn’t as unhealthy. But there’s still no nutritional value to these. So make sure to keep them to a minimum.

cup of yogurt

Is it OK to Give Dogs Yogurt?

Yogurt is definitely the healthiest dairy option as a snack for your pup. “Yogurt is high in calcium and protein. It can also act as a probiotic, which can be good for the digestive system.” But be sure to pick plain yogurt that has no added sweeteners. And watch out for artificial sweeteners like xylitol.

Xylitol is very poisonous to dogs. It is a natural sugar substitute that is healthy for humans, but harmful for dogs. So be careful to check the ingredients of foods before you feed them to your canine.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

Lots of people love to use cheese as a way to hide pills for their pups to take. And this typically works quite well because of the delicious fatty flavor. That’s why we love cheese so much too! But as with all other dairy products, let’s keep our dogs’ cheese intake to a minimum. While small amounts of cheese are safe as a snack for your pup, the fatty nature of cheese will definitely take its toll over time.

Dogs and Their Dairy

Although these dairy treats are delicious, they really aren’t the most nutritious. And while it’s fine to give your pup some dairy in small amounts from time to time, it’s best to try out other healthy treats like carrots, celery, apples, and bananas. We can spoil our pups with fun treats while keeping them as healthy as can be.

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