Entourage is a popular TV show that followed the lives of a young actor and his entourage as they navigated the ups and downs of Hollywood. The show was known for its relatable characters, humorous moments, and exciting storyline, making it a favorite among audiences. With the show's popularity, it's not surprising that many dog owners are now looking to Entourage for inspiration when naming their furry friends.

Top Dog Names from Entourage:

  1. Vincent "Vince or Vinny" Chase – The protagonist of the show, Vince is a talented actor on the rise.
  2. Eric "E" Murphy – Vince's best friend and manager, E is a go-getter with a big heart.
  3. Johnny "DRAMA" Chase – Vince's older brother, Drama is a struggling actor with a quirky personality.
  4. Salvatore "Turtle" Assante – Vince's driver and friend, Turtle is a loyal sidekick with a love for good times.
  5. Ari Gold – Vince's ruthless agent, Ari is known for his quick wit and sharp tongue.
  6. Lloyd Lee – Ari's loyal assistant, Lloyd is a hard worker with a dry sense of humor.
  7. Arnold - Turtle and the boys favorite Rottweiler
  8. Scott Lavin – A television executive and recurring character, Scott is a savvy businessman.
  9. Amanda Daniels – A television executive and recurring character, Amanda is tough but fair.
  10. Ashley Schaeffer – A car dealer and recurring character, Ashley is a larger-than-life personality.
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Why Name Your Dog After an Entourage Character?

Naming your dog after a character from Entourage can be a fun and unique way to show your love for the show. Whether you choose Vince for a rising star or Turtle for a loyal sidekick, each name holds a special meaning and connection to the show. Not only will your dog love their new name, but it will also be a conversation starter with other Entourage fans.

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In Conclusion

The show Entourage has captured the hearts of audiences with its portrayal of friendship, success, and the bond between man and his best friend. By naming your dog after one of the beloved Entourage dogs, you can pay tribute to the show and add a touch of personality to your furry friend. And, with the Fi GPS collar, you can keep your dog by your side, just like Turtle and Arnold. So, whether you are a fan of Entourage or just looking for a unique dog name, consider naming your dog after one of these beloved characters.

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