Strava and Fi have launched an exciting partnership on National Walk Your Dog Day, allowing dog owners to track and share their dog’s activity with the Strava community.

To celebrate we are giving away 100 limited edition collars! Integrate your Strava app, share a recent walk on your Instagram story via Strava's app and tag both @Fi.Dogs and @Strava for a chance to win a free limited edition Strava band.

Here's How to Enter for a Chance to Win a Free Limited Edition Strava Band:

  1. Open the Fi App.
  2. Tap your dog's Profile picture in the lower right corner. Once you are in the profile, tap the 3 stacked lines.
  3. Scroll down and tap Connected Apps and follow the integration process.
  4. Once integrated, take a walk and tap the share button in the Strava app. Share your walk using Instagram Stories, and don't forget to tag both @Fi.Dogs and @Strava for a chance to win.