How does your Husky love you? Let me count the ways! Find out what the Husky signs of affection are, and what each action means.

Are Huskies Affectionate Dogs?

Affectionate and good natured describes the Siberian Husky.” According to the American Kennel Club, the breed traits and characteristics of a husky show that they are a 5 out of 5 on the affectionate scale! This scale shows “how affectionate a breed is likely to be with family members, or other people he knows well.”

For those who have never owned a husky, or haven’t spent much time around one, it would be easy to look at these dogs and see them as intimidating. But believe it or not, these dogs really love their people! You just have to know how to spot a husky’s signs of affection.

Huskies are very social dogs, and they do require a lot of time spent with their pet parents, or with other dogs. Remember—they are pack dogs, so they want to be with their pack. “They are affectionate with everyone but do not need to constantly pester you for attention.” However, they do not do well with being left alone all day. So it might take some time for you to find the right balance.

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10 Ways that Huskies Show They Love You

Have you ever wondered what your dog’s body language is saying? Some non-verbals are universal for all dogs. And some are specific to each breed. Knowing a husky’s signs of affection will help you better understand when they are happy, and what they are trying to communicate to you.

Dogs use posture, facial expressions, and other body language to communicate.” And it’s important to know what each non-verbal action is saying, as well as knowing the meaning of each sound that they make. Let’s talk about your husky’s body language, facial expressions, and subtle actions—and how those might be expressing their love for you.

Happy Husky Signs

A happy husky will look relaxed in their face and body. Their tail may or may not be wagging, but their tail and ears are both neutral. Usually their mouth will be open with their tongue showing. And they will have “soft” eyes looking at you.

Playful Husky Signs

Playful dogs issue play bows and display bouncy behaviors meant to entice and initiate play. Their barks are high pitched and sharp.” Again, their mouths will be open. But this time their tongues will be hanging out.

husky sitting in the grass

Physical Contact with You

A husky will try to show you affection by initiating physical contact. This may happen when they lean against you, or even if they rub against you when they walk by. And some huskies will even try to plop down in your lap.

Holding Your Hand… in Their Mouth!

As weird as it may sound, huskies actually like to gently hold your hand with their mouths. Don’t worry, they’re not trying to bite you. It’s a way for them to exchange trust with you.

Eye Contact with a Husky

As mentioned above, you can tell that your pup is happy when they seem to have soft and easy eyes. And one way they show their affection is through gentle eye contact. Eye contact also helps you form a stronger bond with your dog.

Excited Husky When You Come Home

One of the easiest ways for us to notice affection from our pups is through their excitement. The minute we walk through the door after being gone, they will act energetic and playful. They may even jump up and down, or run around in circles.

Your Husky Loves Your Smell

After you’ve had your husky for a while, they will get used to your smell. This smell will actually help to keep them feeling calm and comfortable. It might not be very obvious… until you find them snuggled up in your blankets and pillow one day. You can show them your affection by leaving an unwashed t-shirt or blanket of yours in their crate.


Your Husky Will Follow You Around

Another way a dog shows their affection is by following you around. Around the house, or the yard. Or they’ll even “check in” on you if you’re in different rooms, or they’re running around out in the woods. Huskies are especially sociable. And they want to know where you are, and that you’re OK.

But always make sure to keep track of your pup, especially during training. You can use a Fi Smart Dog Collar to watch their location and keep track of daily exercise.

Getting Those Doggy Kisses

Even if you don’t love it… when a dog licks you, it is one of their ways of showing affection. They do this when they’re happy, or when they are trying to be submissive to you.

When a Husky Chooses to Be Vulnerable

Dogs will show that they trust you and feel comfortable with you when they choose to be vulnerable. The most common way of doing this is by rolling onto their back for a belly rub. In this position, they cannot defend themselves. This is showing that they fully trust you.

Adopt a Husky!

Now that you know just how affectionate the Siberian huskies are… are you ready to add one to your family? Huskies are great with children and with other pets. And with the right socialization and training, they will adapt very well to their new families. You can check out to adopt a husky near you, or find husky puppies from reputable breeders through

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