Your dog needs to wear a collar so you have a place to display their vaccination tag and pet license. But when your dog has sensitive or itchy skin, it’s difficult to find a collar that they don’t mind wearing.

dog wearing a hypoallergenic collar on the beach

A dog may have a food allergy that makes their skin sensitive and easily irritated. Some dogs also have allergies to environmental factors, like dust mites, fleas, and grass, that cause skin issues. Or, a dog’s skin might be dry if they live in an area with low humidity. Homes where the heating and cooling system frequently run often have dry air that irritates the dog’s skin.

A hypoallergenic dog collar is an excellent solution for pups who are bothered by their collars. Here’s what you need to know about hypoallergenic collars for your pup.

What is a Hypoallergenic Dog Collar?

A hypoallergenic collar consists of materials that aren’t likely to irritate your dog’s skin. The material is soft and flexible. Collars created from rough materials are more likely to rub against your dog’s neck, causing irritation and distress.

Some of the best materials for anti-itch dog collars include leather, hemp, and when combined with a breathable cotton or mesh lining, neoprene and nylon blends. Look for a collar produced using minimal chemicals or consider a collar for dogs with sensitive skin that’s produced using plant-based dyes.

Be careful using collars crafted from metal or that include a lot of metal accents that can touch your dog’s skin. Some dogs are allergic to metal and will experience skin lesions, irritation, redness, pustules, and itchiness if their skin is continually exposed to metal.

Any collar can irritate your dog’s skin if it’s the wrong size. You should be able to fit two fingers underneath your dog’s collar.

Wide, bulky collars may cause irritation for some dogs. If your pup’s collar meets all the criteria for a hypoallergenic collar but is still causing itching, look for a narrower style.

dog wearing a hypoallergenic collar

Hypoallergenic Dog Collars for Your Pup

You have a few options for a hypoallergenic dog collar, but we recommend the Fi Series 2 Dog Collar - Our Fi Series 2 Smart Collar incorporates GPS tracking so that you always know where your pup is. The collar has a streamlined design that feels light and breathable.

We’ve used soft, durable plastic to create the Fi module. The module has a curved design to ensure it sits comfortably on your dog’s neck.

Since the Fi module is easy to move to another collar, you can even swap our anti-itch nylon collar for another option if your dog prefers a leather collar or if you need a band with a little more padding. Our Fi Makers offer hundreds of Fi compatible collars designs that are sure to match your dogs needs. Maker collars come in virtually any color, style, or pattern you'd like, and many offer options that are more gentle on sensitive necks.

Want to know more about your dog’s daily schedule? Check out our innovative Fi dog collar to monitor and track your dog’s movements!