Looking for that perfect gift for your furry best friend? Do you hate all that crazy stuffing that flies everywhere? Let’s check out the top no stuffing dog toys of the year!

Whether it’s a gift for the holidays, for your dog’s birthday, or just to say “I love you,” you’ll want to find the perfect toy to give your pup. But how do you know what that is?

Is your dog a big chewer who needs something a little more indestructible? Or is your pooch a snuggler who craves something soft like a teddy bear? And what do you want for your pup? Squeakers are fun for the dogs, but annoying for the humans. And toys with stuffing can be nice and soft, but the stuffing goes everywhere!  

Why does my dog tear apart his toys?

Does your dog love tearing their toys to shreds? Part of this could be instinctual. Spirit Dog Training says: “For your dog, the desire to destroy a stuffed animal can be as simple as instinct. If your dog has a high prey drive, they view the toy as their prey and destroy it, as they have been bred to do for hundreds of years.”

In addition to instinct, a few other reasons could be:

  • Anxiety or boredom

If your pup feels bored, anxious, or stressed… they will likely take it out on their toys. Or sometimes, they’ll take it out on one of your belongings.

  • Physical and mental stimulation

If your dog isn’t getting enough physical and mental stimulation throughout the day, they will end up finding an outlet, like their toys. So make sure to give your pup plenty of outdoor exercise.

  • Active chewer breeds

Certain breeds are bigger chewers than others. If you have a “strong-jawed dog” like a pitbull or goldendoodle, they will need a tougher toy that they can really sink their teeth into.

  • Learned habits

If your dog started tearing up toys as a puppy, and you never discouraged it, they’ve just learned this to be normal.

Is stuffing in toys bad for dogs?

Let’s talk about toys with stuffing. It’s not like the stuffing itself is poisonous or anything. But because our canines can be quite the chewers, they will inevitably end up tearing the toy open—releasing all of that crazy stuffing. Or sometimes the toys will even have those tiny “beans” in them. EEK!

The hazardous part is that your pup may end up eating some of the filling, or it could get stuck in their teeth. Then it becomes a choking and digestive problem. It can even cause dangerous blockages. Which is why we want to take a look at some of the best no-stuffing toys this year.

Are squeaky toys bad for dogs?

And what about those squeaker toys? Our dogs absolutely love them, which is why it would be so difficult to take them away. But these can be pretty dangerous too. Think about your pup going crazy, tearing up a toy. They get to this little, plastic squeaker… and then they accidentally swallow it.

This is a situation we definitely want to avoid. So let’s try to find some toys your crazy canine will love, that don’t pose any hazardous threats.

What toys are best for dogs that destroy everything?

If you’ve ever looked for an indestructible dog toy, you’ve probably found the KONG dog toy company. They are undoubtedly the most popular indestructible dog toys around. I have personally purchased KONG toys and frisbees for my two aggressive chewers, and these things are pretty incredible!  

Other strong chew toys:

These toys were made for aggressive chewers, have a squeaker, and have the ability for dog toothpaste to be added.

Made by Arm & Hammer, this strong chew toy is actually “baking soda infused” to help remove plaque and tartar. Plus it has nubs and grooves that help clean your dog’s teeth.

This toy is almost indestructible, helps with dental and jaw health, and bounces for fun playtime.

What are the best no-stuffing soft dog toys?

Believe it or not, the KONG dog toy company actually makes their own “plush toys” too. Be forewarned… although they are made with reinforced, wipeable canvas that is durable for tough play, they do contain squeakers and stuffing. But KONG does offer some “low stuff” dog toys too.

Other no-stuffing soft dog toys:

Outward Hound offers stuffingless squeaky plush toys for strong chewers.

ZippyPaws is a pretty popular no-stuffing squeaky toy. And you’ll actually get a three-pack in this purchase.

Vitscan is a stuffless dog toy with crinkles and squeakers. And it’s arms are actually made from ropes.

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