We launched the Fi Collar with the mission to keep dogs safe and healthy. Now we’re doubling down on saving the lives of dogs with the launch of Fi Nano. Fi Nano is the microchip for the modern dog owner: accessible from any phone, free to register, and free to keep up to date, forever.

Other microchipping companies make a lot of money...but they don’t save a lot of dogs. Traditional pet microchips only have a 52% chance of reuniting you with your dog. Most companies  require dog owners to pay a $20 annual fee to keep their contact information up to date - which means a lot of people end up never registering their dogs. The chips are also expensive, sold at up to $25/chip to the vets and rescues who then have to pass on the cost to the dog parent - making the overall system costly.

The Fi Nano is different from the Fi Collar in so many ways: The Fi Collar is a GPS and activity tracker that, should your dog escape, puts the recovery in your hands. The Fi Nano is a microchip that relies on someone finding your dog and bringing him/her to a vet or rescue to be scanned and track you down. When in doubt, be prepared with both.

“I kept hearing from dog owners interested in the Fi GPS Collar that they could locate their dog with their microchip - they cannot - but it does not mean that the microchip technology does not have its merits. When I talked to vets and animal control, I was floored to learn that more than half of the chipped dogs were not reunited with their parents. And the price charged for the chips seemed completely unjustified.” - Jonathan Bensamoun, Fi CEO.

Fi Nano is available to vets, rescues, and breeders who apply, are vetted, and then approved by our team. Fi Nano is compatible with all existing ISO scanners,and searchable through the American Hospital Association’s global lookup tool. The Fi Nano remains the standard size as other chips as well. More importantly, each Fi Nano is automatically registered to the vet or organization that ordered it, so if scanned, Fi Nano will never come back empty on contact information.

If you’re not microchipping, you’re missing a crucial step in keeping your dog safe. If you’re interested in Fi Nano for your next pup, email us at nano@tryfi.com with the name and location of your veterinarian’s office and we’ll reach out.