Take a look at what a few of our Makers had to say about their favorite part of their job:

Spotted Nose Designs:

"We love being able to create products that are durable and also look good. We adventure with our dogs a lot, so it was important for us to have gear that would stand up to whatever came our way.

Spotted Nose Designs was created to give us the possibility to share our creativity and love of dogs with others. It's not always easy to own your own business, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. We're just as excited for our customers to receive their orders as they are and there is nothing better than seeing how much joy we can bring people with our products."

You can shop for Fi compatible collars from Spotted Nose Designs here.

FKN Pretty:

"FKN Pretty is all about giving people and their furry friends the opportunity to express themselves to the fullest and laugh while still looking elegant AF!

As makers, we absolutely love handcrafting gear that empowers the wearer to be their 100% authentic self! Giving your pup a voice that spreads your kind of humor...because being unapologetically YOU, in all your one of a kind magical glory, is exactly what this world needs! We take pride in letting you and your pup FKN shine ❤️"

You can shop for Fi compatible collars from FKN Pretty here.

Lucky + Dog:

"I’m Chris and I founded LUCKY + DOG as a result of my desire to make a meaningful impact on less fortunate animals living in shelters.

We believe that every dog deserves to live their best life during their short time on this planet. That's why everyone involved at LUCKY + DOG is committed to helping no-kill shelters provide care and find forever homes for foster animals.

Here at LUCKY + DOG we build and sell dog gear, but it’s not just about the gear. Even though we’re pretty darn proud of our gear. It’s really about what the gear makes possible: our community, the ability to give back - YOU!"

You can shop for Fi compatible collars from Lucky + Dog here.

Modern Icon:

"At Modern Icon we have a passion for designing and producing high quality dog gear. Our original customers were Police and Military working dogs, but we felt that all dogs deserve the same dependable materials and construction—so we made our Adventure series.

It is amazing to work with other people that view their dogs as family members and we are thankful that they have welcomed the Modern Icon brand as a trusted part of their family."

You can shop for Fi compatible collars from Modern Icon here.

Rope Hounds:

"Welcome to Rope Hounds where adventuring with your dog is our priority! Running our own business allows us to connect directly with our customers and gain valuable feedback on each product we ship out the door.

We love having the freedom and flexibility to share our passion and creative drive with the world. When you shop at Rope Hounds, you shop with a group of friends here to make your next adventure one to remember!"

You can shop for Fi compatible collars from Rope Hounds here.

Beau & Nora:

"We love being Fi makers because this is where it all began for us; We loved our Fi, and thrived creating the perfect accessory that encompassed our dogs' personalities. We are so blessed to have our hobby become a window of opportunity to support rescue efforts we have always been passionate about. We are so proud to be a part of a company we have loved since the beginning. Thank you, Fi!"

You can shop for Fi compatible collars from Beau & Nora here.

Trek Dog:

"At Trek Dog we truly treat our craft as a labor of love. While we each maintain careers outside of our business, Trek Dog allows us to come together as friends to express both our individual creativity and passion for animals and nature into products we are proud of.

As small business owners, we are able to closely control the materials and processes we use to create the highest quality dog gear that we can share with others. We hope that we can help encourage people to go the extra mile with their canine companions, whether it be by traversing uncharted trails or simply taking walks through the neighborhood."

You can shop for Fi compatible collars from Trek Dog here.

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