Completely waterproof, colorful, and durable... you're not going to want to miss this new Maker.

Meet Zaley Designs, based in Texas and owned by self proclaimed "crazy dog person", Brittany! Zaley designs came about as a labor of love to create accessories for her puppy and pursue a new dream.

Zaley Designs offers a wide range of collar options to choose from, but the style we know all of our Fi dogs will want to get their paws on is the Titan Collar. The Titan Fi compatible collars are made of webbing printed with their unique designs and encased in a clear protective coating, making them impervious to dirt, water & stink! Titan dog collars are perfect for dock diving, adventuring, mud playing, hunting, everyday wear & just about anything you can think of.

Zaley Designs' Fi compatible collars can be purchased here.

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