What collar is right for your Pit bull and how should you choose the best one?

Pit bull Dogs
One of the most stunning dog breeds around, choosing the right dog collar for your Pit bull can be a difficult and discouraging task. Stout and compact, American pit bulls descend from the British bull-and-terrier, which were first transported to the US in the late 1800s.

With many unique types of collars out there for your pit bull, the key thing you need to consider is what you’re looking for. Each type of collar available on the market for your pit bull will fill a different need, so it’s incredibly important that you diagnose your own situation with your bully before looking at and considering the relevant collar options.

For example, if you have a pup that gets distracted easily and is resisting your training, then your search will be very different from someone who’s pit bull is a roamer and so are looking for a GPS tracking collar.

Pit bulls are a funny mix of strong-willed dogs who are also incredibly affectionate and loving. And due to their muscular frames and thick necks, they typically require very different collars to other breeds. Collars that are thick and made from sturdy materials are recommended.

Pit Bull Collar Sizing
Getting the right size collar for your bully is crucial. Not only to ensure it’s always comfortable on your pup, but because it also houses all of your useful contact information if you’re ever separated. It’s difficult to think about of course, but if you are separated for whatever reason, then you also want to ensure the collar stays on your pit bull, and doesn’t fall off or get caught on anything.

To ensure you get the right collar size for your pit bull, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Get a soft tape measure, string or ribbon.
  2. Place it around your pit bull’s neck at the position where the dog collar will be.
  3. Take down this measurement, this is the circumference of your pit bull’s neck.
  4. Add one to three inches (depending on the size of your bully) to this measurement, to ensure that the collar is a comfortable fit and isn’t too tight for your dog.

Alongside this steps, we’d also recommend understanding and implementing the ‘Two Fingers’ rule with your collar choice on your pit bull. This method aims to ensure that the collar fits your bully correctly and isn’t too tight or potentially dangerous for them.

Pitbull Collar Options
With so many different collar options out there for your pitbull, it’s crucial to know that before you look at designs of collars you like, you need to understand all the different types of collars available. So, from martingale collars to leather ones, we did the research!

Best Martingale Collar For Pit Bulls
The Artful Canine’s Wide Martingale Collar

Top Pitbull Collars For a Strong Pitbull

Designed to help control boisterous dogs when leashed, martingale collars are a great choice if you want to have more control of your bully on your walks and want to train them in correction. How a martingale collar works is that, when needing to, the collar will tighten evenly around your dog's neck to discourage their pulling behavior. The collar only tightens up to a certain point that you can set, in order to ensure you do not choke your dog or make it too uncomfortable for them.

When choosing a martingale for breeds with wide necks, such as pit bulls, you generally want to choose one that is thicker than the average collar. The Artful Canine’s martingale is 1.5” wide which makes it perfectly suited for pit bulls everyday walks and wear.

Made from a heavy-duty colorfast nylon webbing, this collar was designed specifically with strong bully breeds in mind. It is also machine washable, meaning it’s easy to upkeep if it ever gets dirty.

The Artful Canine’s martingale collar comes with a 1 year warranty and is available in a multitude of colors. So, if you’re interested in a martingale collar for your pitbull then check them out!

Best GPS Tracking Collar For Pitbulls
Fi Smart Collar

Known as the next generation of dog collars, the Fi Smart Collar is a perfect example of a dog collar that gives you more than just a collar. With built in GPS tracking and its corresponding Fi app, the Fi Collar lets you track your pit bull’s location from your phone. So, you never need to worry about where they are or who they’re with. This can also be a great option if you’re looking for a collar for a pit bull puppy and are worried about them ever escaping or getting out.

The collar also tracks your bully’s activity, meaning you’ll learn precisely how much activity your pup is getting everyday and how much they should be getting in relation to other dogs of the same age and breed. And, if that wasn’t good enough, you can compete in the Fi rankings to see who’s the top pit bull in your area!

The collar itself is also dog-proof, with an armored aluminum faceplate and an IP68 waterproof rating it’s built to withstand all the wear and tear your bully puts it through. On top of that, if you want extra peace of mind when walking your dog at night, the collar has an LED light with 7 different color options that you can switch on from the app on your phone.

We’re pretty sure that soon every dog will be wearing a smart collar! So, if you’re interested you can learn more about Fi here.

Best Leather Collar for Pitbulls
Genuine Canine Leather Collar

Leather collars are often associated with bully breeds thanks to their strong, durable properties as a material. Genuine Canine’s collars are thick pitbull collars made from full-grain leather and their hardware from solid brass to ensure they can last with even the strongest bullys. They also use tried and tested quality control measures to ensure that their leather is soft, supple and smooth to avoid the skin problems that bully breeds are more prone to.

With several different colors to choose from, their leather collars are also completely waterproof. This not only makes them simple and easy to clean and maintain, but also means they’ll last longer for you!

Best Harness for your Pit bull
Pit Bull Gear Leather Harness

Pit Bull Gear Leather Harness

For some pit bulls, harnesses can be the best option. And if you’re choosing a harness for your bully, they have to be strong. Pit Bull Gear’s leather harnesses are designed just for that. They’re heavy duty, meaning that you can have a 90lb male and you’ll still be able to easily control their walks.

Harnesses, unlike collars, aren’t meant to be worn all the time, and these are fully adjustable at both the chest and neck area for both comfort and ease of taking on and off. Just like with Genuine Canine’s collars, these are made from leather for maximum durability for your pitbull, and they come in a range of sizes and designs for every style you could want.

With so many great collar options available for your pit bull, remember that it’s all about what’s right for your dog and your situation. So, don’t be afraid to take your time to understand the different types of collar options there are and what you need in order to ensure you’ve made the right decision. We hope we’ve helped you and if you want more great information then check out the rest of our content here!