Finding a suitable collar for your dog matters, especially if you own a smaller dog like a pug. Pugs are adorable, but finding the right collar can quickly become challenging as you review various options and understand what they include, requiring you to consider multiple points.

From materials to GPS tracking devices, you’ll need to understand what you can get before purchasing. Ensure you review the best collars on the market, see what you should consider while you buy a collar, and keep your pug safe.


Best Dog Collars for Pugs

You should start by reviewing the best pug collars on the market. Doing so will help you see what matters the most, which options you like, and pick your favorite. Then, you’ll go through the best options and determine which one you want to purchase for your furry friend.

Fi GPS Tracking Dog Collar

As you review your options for pug collars, you can’t go wrong with the Fi GPS Tracking Dog Collar. This one utilizes multiple valuable features to cover your pug’s needs.

  • A lightweight and comfortable design
  • Supports 40 percent more GPS satellites
  • Waterproof design
  • Three months battery life
  • Over 400-pound resistance

This collar focuses on tracking your pug and keeping them safe and healthy. Not only can you enjoy that, but the lightweight design will make it comfortable and durable for your pug since it can withstand so many pounds, meaning your dog can’t bite it off.

If you want one of the best choices on the market and to not worry about your dog, go with this option since it’s one of the best. After all, you can’t go wrong with GPS tracking and solid battery life to cover your needs.

Le Shoob Biothane Collar

If you want additional durability and security options, review the Le Shoob Biothane Collar. You’ll pick up on multiple features that make it appealing to any dog owner.

  • It has a waterproof design
  • It supports the Fi GPS unit
  • Includes a quick-release collar
  • The webbing is flexible
  • It includes a D-ring

A waterproof design on your collar never hurts since you can use it in the rain and various weather conditions. You can also add the GPS unit to track your dog with the collar if you have it.

All the other features focus on convenience and comfort, allowing you to quickly put the collar and leash on while ensuring it’s not too stiff for your furry friend.

Nylon Collar

Speaking of other options on the market, you should look into a Nylon collar to see if your pug may prefer it. You’ll quickly pick up on the useful and nice features that make it great for dogs.

  • Includes sliders for adjusting
  • Custom nameplates on the collar
  • No-slip design
  • D-ring for your leash
  • Over 20 colors

The collar focuses on customization to meet your needs and help you make it perfect for your pug. For example, the sliders ensure you find the perfect tightness to keep it on without becoming uncomfortable. It also doesn’t slip, so it won’t fall off unexpectedly.

The custom nameplate also makes it stand out since you can add the dog’s name with a phone number to return your furry friend to you. Go with this option if your dog tends to escape or run away.

Rope Hounds Collar

You can use an aluminum and plastic combination if you purchase a Rope Hounds Collar Band while enjoying various features.

  • Over one dozen color choices
  • Supports a GPS device
  • Webbing for additional comfort
  • A lightweight design
  • A clasp to keep it on

Since you have multiple color choices, you can pick whichever one you like the most. The GPS support also doesn’t hurt, allowing you to add the Fi Series 3 to keep track of your pug and ensure they don’t run away or face any dangers.

The design prioritizes a lightweight and comfortable design, utilizing webbing to offer more comfort. You also have a clasp to put it on and take it off your pug whenever needed.

What Makes a Collar Good for a Pug?

You want to consider multiple crucial points as you think about what works best for pug collars.

  • Comfortability
  • Size
  • Durability

You can choose an option your pug can comfortably wear at most moments. Owners usually have their dogs wear their collars most of the day, so they can keep a tag on them in case they run off, and they can easily take them on walks as needed.

Size also plays a role in what works for your pug. If you get too large of a collar, it’ll dangle around, get in the way, and fall off. If you go with too small of a collar, it’ll feel tight around your pug’s neck. You should measure your pug’s neck, or aim for a 9.5-to-12 inch collar.

You also want to go through the options and determine which ones hold up the best. That includes finding one made of excellent material.

Pug looking at camera

How Do I Choose a Good Collar for My Dog?

Choosing the right collar for your dog depends on what your dog needs. For example, some people prefer to focus on materials, others like the idea of GPS trackers, and others care about which color they purchase from the store.

Ultimately, you want to purchase what your dog prefers and what’ll work best for them. You can even find ones with quick-release or sliding buckles. Quick-release options allow you to easily take off the collar while sliding buckles let you adjust the collar to the perfect size.

What Material Is Best for Pug Collars?

You’ll come across multiple materials regarding pug collars, so it doesn’t hurt to see which one works best for your dog.

  • Plastic and nylon
  • Aluminum
  • Fabric
  • Leather

Plastic works well for various collars since they have good durability while also maintaining a waterproof design. However, they aren’t always the nicest against the skin, so some pugs may sometimes be irritable or uncomfortable.

Aluminum matters as you look into options with buckles and loops on them. The buckles need to remain strong, and the loops can’t break off the collar easily, so it never hurts to identify a collar with this material, as long as it doesn’t make up most of it.

Fabric remains a comfortable option you’ll find with most collars. It can have good durability and waterproofing depending on the fabric, though it’s not the best at anything. It’s the most balanced material, so it never hurts to go with this one and see if your pug likes it.

Leather is a comfortable choice if you purchase it for your dog. It’s also soft and easy to put on, but it’s not as durable and doesn’t have as much waterproof, and it can also dry up. If you don’t mind maintaining it, you’ll find leather a solid choice.

Do Pugs Need a Special Collar?

While pugs don’t need an extraordinary collar, you should consider the situation and determine your pug’s needs. Aside from the standard collars, you’ll need to go with a smaller size overall, allowing your pug to remain comfortable and avoid problems.

You should also think about your environment and other circumstances. If you often go to the beach with your furry friend, you’ll want to bring a waterproof collar. The same applies to collars with reflective strips if you walk your pug during the evening.

In short, think about what you want to do with your dog, see which course of action works the best, and do what you can to find the best pug collars available.

How Does a GPS Collar Keep Your Pug Safe?

A global positioning system (GPS) collar also matters as you review your options for pug collars. You’ll want to understand how they keep your furry friend safe and how to utilize them, so you’ll protect your pug from various situations.

Avoid Losing Your Pug

As you look into GPS collars, you won’t lose track of your pug. If your dog runs off somewhere, you can look up their location, find them, and protect your puppy from dangerous situations. You’ll want to know where you can find your pug at any moment.

Track Activity and Sleep

You can also keep track of your pug while they spend time nearby. If you go to work or elsewhere, you can check their location to ensure your pug’s still at the house and didn’t get out.

You can also see when they sleep and determine if your pug sleeps enough during the day. If they sit still, you know they’re resting, and if they start moving around the home, you know whether they need to relax more or play once you get home.

Final Thoughts

Pug collars matter as you consider your options and your furry friend's needs. First, you must consider the best ones available, go through the features, and see what’ll keep your pug safe while they wear the collar.

As you do, consider an option with GPS to find your pug if they ever run off alone. Doing so will help you protect your pug, keep them nearby while you walk, and do whatever you must to make your furry friend comfortable and happy.

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