Is it possible for a Goldendoodle to get any cuter? If you’ve ever seen one of these remarkable Golden Retriever/Poodle crosses, your first thought is probably no. These fluffy dogs are so stinking cute they can’t possibly get any cuter.


Until you see a Red Goldendoodle, that is!

That rich red color added to the curly-haired Goldendoodle paired with those kind, intelligent eyes — it’s like looking at a real live teddy bear! We dare you not to hug this pup immediately upon meeting one.

Has your interest been piqued? Ours too! Let’s learn all about the Red Goldendoodle!

What Is the Red Goldendoodle?

Have you heard about the recent “doodle” dog craze? It started in Australia with a breeder named Wally Conron who wanted to produce “hypoallergenic” guide dogs.

He tried crossing poodles with Labrador Retrievers to get a dog with the low-shedding coat of a Poodle and the calm intelligence of a Labrador. His cross was a success and the Labradoodle was born.

Once people discovered how adorable these crosses were, the craze took off. People began breeding Poodles with all sorts of breeds to create ridiculously cute pups.

The Goldendoodle was one of the first to become popular and remains one of the most sought-after doodle dogs. This dog is achieved by crossing a Golden Retriever with a Poodle.

Getting the deep red coat of a Red Goldendoodle is a little trickier. Typically, it is bred by adding an Irish Setter to the mix.

red goldendoodle

How Is a Red Goldendoodle Bred?

However, it isn’t quite as simple as breeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever/Irish Setter cross. It has to be the right Golden Retriever and the right Poodle, otherwise, the deep rich red color becomes too diluted.

There isn’t a ton of variance among Golden Retrievers, but you’ll have better luck getting red from one with a darker, more reddish coat.

Poodles have more variety of colors, so the color you choose here is crucial. You need a darker poodle to help contribute. A lighter-colored poodle could influence the color more toward apricot or gold.

Typically, you’ll have to work with a specialty breeder to find this beautiful coat color.

Please. Have you seen a picture of this dog? Of course, it’s popular! In fact, it is one of the more sought-after colors.

As the popularity of the Goldendoodle grows, people are becoming used to gold-colored Goldendoodles and they aren’t as novel anymore. But a red one? Now that’s something everybody’s got to have!

Is the Red Goldendoodle Rare?

Not necessarily, but it is not as readily available as the gold variety. As mentioned, breeders have to be very selective about breeding to produce this color, which means there are fewer breeders that offer it.

You may have to spend a little more time looking around — and get on a couple of waiting lists — to find a Red Goldendoodle puppy. However, it is definitely possible.


Red Goldendoodle Temperament

Red Goldendoodles are just like regular Goldendoodles. They are happy, sweet dogs with lots of energy. They love to play and cuddle, are great with kids, and aren’t too hard to train, though they do require a smidge more patience than their Golden Retriever parent.

Personalities will vary somewhat with the individual, but in general, these dogs are fun-loving and happy to participate in anything that means spending time with you. They make fantastic companion dogs and you really can’t go wrong with one of these sweet pups!

Red Goldendoodle Appearance

The most standout trait of the Red Goldendoodle is its color. However, as a mixed breed dog, their appearance can vary.

Most Red Goldendoodles are large dogs since Golden Retrievers are large and the Standard size Poodle is used in the cross. However, Mini and Toy poodles can also be used, resulting in smaller Red Goldendoodles. Because small ones are rarer, they are also more expensive.

Red Goldendoodle Coats

Red Goldendoodles are known for having curly hair like a Poodle. But again, because you’re crossing breeds, their hair can vary a bit.

There are three types of Red Goldendoodle coats.


The hair is mostly straight, easy to comb, and the dog can be quite fluffy. However, this coat texture is more prone to shedding.


The wavy texture is something in between. The hair is slightly curly, somewhat easy to comb, and the dog will generally shed less.


This is the most hypoallergenic texture because the dog rarely sheds. However, grooming those tight curls can get tedious and requires constant upkeep.

Determining a Red Goldendoodle Puppy’s Adult Coat

Red Goldendoodle puppies don’t necessarily exhibit the texture and color their adult coat will have. Thus, if you are looking for a specific texture, you have to know what to look for.

Puppies with wavy hair on their muzzles will have either wavy or curly adult coats. An experienced breeder can also tell you what their coat pattern will be by examining the hair around their muzzle.

Red Goldendoodle Puppy’s Adult Coat

Color Variations of the Red Goldendoodle

The color of a Red Goldendoodle might seem self-explanatory, but there is some variation. Coat colors can vary from deep dark red like a Field Golden Retriever to the considerably lighter apricot version.

Interestingly, the apricot versions are not always considered Red Goldendoodles. Breeders who produce Reds don’t always breed for this version, so you’ll have to do some extra research to find this specific coat color. It also tends to be more expensive.

Furthermore, many dogs change color over time. As they age, their coat lightens, so you should be prepared for the fact that your dog may not always stay the same color.

What Markings Do Red Goldendoodles Have?

Furthermore, red Goldendoodles are not always a solid color. Many have white markings, particularly on their face and chest. Many Red Goldendoodles sport a full tuxedo pattern, which is white markings on the face and chest in the characteristic shape of a tuxedo.

If the Poodle parent contributes the splotchy merle pattern gene, Red Goldendoodles can exhibit this pattern. It may appear in spots or over their entire body.

Sable is an interesting color that usually involves black-tipped hairs all over the dog's body. In the case of the Red Sable Goldendoodle, they tend to have a light coat with red hairs spattered all over their body.

How Long Does the Red Goldendoodle Live?

Red Goldendoodles live about 10-15 years, offering tons of hugs and cuddles along the way. Because of the influx of new genes, crossbreed dogs tend to be healthy, though they can be prone to the health problems that plague any of their parent breeds.

How to Groom a Red Goldendoodle

Grooming needs will vary depending on the coat texture your specific dog has. Straight-haired dogs are generally easy to groom, just brush their hair regularly to keep it from getting tangled.

The wavy and curly versions get a little more complicated. They’ll need to have their hair cut a few times a year to keep it from getting long and unkempt.

They shed less, but that’s mostly because any hairs that fall out get caught up in the curls. They need regular brushing to keep their hair from getting matted and tangled.

It’s also important to keep your Red Goldendoodles ears clean and dry. Matted hair around the ears can harbor moisture and easily lead to ear infections.

Do Red Goldendoodles Shed a Lot?

One of the big draws to any of the doodle dogs is their supposed hypoallergenic qualities and the fact that they shed less. This is true for some individuals, but not all.

All dogs shed and that includes Red Goldendoodles. However, their tight curls help keep it from falling out all over your house. Brushing your dog about once a week (frequency depends on the individual) will clean out shed hairs and keep your dog (and house) tidy.

Twice a year, Red Goldendoodles will shed a little more, just like other dogs. However, the shedding is significantly less than what you would experience with a Golden Retriever, for example.

Will My Dog Look Like a Teddy Bear?

Oh this is the big question, isn’t it? Are those adorable pictures you see online telling the truth? Will your Red Goldendoodle actually look like a teddy bear?

We are happy to report that yes! True Red Goldendoodles do tend to look like teddy bears, especially when they are young. Plus, you can have your groomer choose a haircut that will accentuate the teddy bear look and make your adorable dog look even more adorable!

Just keep in mind that your Red Goldendoodle will usually lighten over time. As a puppy, he may have the classic deep red color of a teddy bear but as he ages, this may change.

However, by the time that happens you’ll be so in love with your bundle of energetic joy that it won’t matter!

Other Goldendoodle Colors

Of course, red is only one of the many shades of gorgeous Goldendoodle colors available. Because of their Golden Retriever parents, the typical Goldendoodle is some shade of gold or brown. But because of the wide variety of colors their Poodle parent can contribute, there is a lot of variation.

They can be categorized loosely into a few categories including:

  • Cream
  • White
  • Black
  • Apricot
  • Chocolate

Within each category there can still be quite a bit of variety. Creams can vary from vanilla ice cream to toasted marshmallow. Chocolates can vary from warm cocoa brown to rich, dark chocolate, etc.

Plus each color can have white markings mixed in and through the coat.

Thinking of Adding a Red Goldendoodle to Your Family?

Honestly, it’s a great choice. Red Goldendoodles are not only decidedly adorable, but their sweet, fun-loving personalities make them a fabulous addition to any family.

They love everybody and despite being larger dogs, are generally gentle with small children. They can be energetic and excitable, but with regular exercise they can also be content to live in an apartment or small home.

You really can’t go wrong with one of these amazing dogs!

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