• Share your dog's live GPS location with a web link in Lost Dog Mode.
  • Real-time tracking viewable by friends and neighbors without the Fi app.
  • Share via social platforms or directly with phone contacts.
  • All Fi Series 3 iOS users have access to this feature (Android coming soon!) – Update your Fi app to access!
  • Have a Fi Series 2? Upgrade today!

When a dog goes missing, it can become a community effort to find them. Owners turn to local social networks like Nextdoor and Facebook to mobilize search parties. However, searchers often lack real-time information about the dog's location, making the search more difficult.

Fi's new feature, Search Party, addresses this issue. Fi customers can now share a live location link of their lost dog on social platforms. This ensures that everyone involved in the search knows exactly where to go, increasing the chances of a quick recovery.

With Search Party, we aim to enhance the safety and well-being of your dog, making it easier for communities to come together and find lost dogs quickly and efficiently.

How to Use Fi's New Search Party Feature

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Activate Live Tracking
    • Open the Fi app and tap your Live Map Card
    • Tap "Track Lost Dog" at the bottom.
  2. Start Search Party
    • Wait for live tracking to activate.
    • Tap "Start Search Party."
  3. Share Location
    • Tap "Share Link" in the pop-up.
    • Share the link via social platforms like Nextdoor, Facebook, and Ring Neighbors, or directly with contacts in your phone.
  4. Track via Web Browser
    • Recipients can view your dog's live location in their web browser without needing the Fi app. The location will refresh in real-time, just like in the app.
  5. Monitor and End Tracking
    • Monitor your dog's location through the Fi app.
    • Tap "End Live Tracking" to stop sharing your dog's location and maintain privacy once they're found.

By following these steps, you can quickly enlist the help of your community to locate your lost dog efficiently.