Just like humans, dogs thrive on persistent communication. They use body language and facial expressions to convey their needs and emotions. Dogs also communicate with their owners and fellow dogs by licking their ears, which may come across as unusual or strange to you.

But why do dogs lick each other's ears? Read on to find out!

Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other's Ears?

Ear-licking behavior in dogs is normally not dangerous. Instead, it is considered a token of warmth and respect, even if it may seem unusual to us at first. If you're curious as to why your dogs are licking each other's ears, here are a few reasons!


When a pup licks another dog's ears, it might be a simple act associated with grooming. Just like wolves, dogs travel in a pack. Two dogs who live in the same house may consider each other a member of the same pack and will feel joy grooming each other.

Since dogs can reach their ears just with the help of their legs and not their tongue, they cannot lick them clean on their own. So, dogs help each other to clean their ears by licking them.

While ear licking can help get rid of ear mites, excessive ear licking can cause your dog's ears to become irritable and red, making them feel uncomfortable. To avoid this situation, make sure you keep a healthy check on your dog and visit the vet's office in case of any symptoms or signs of redness or irritation.

Delectable Earwax

As gross as it might sound, there is a 100% chance that your hound might be licking another hound's ears because it likes the taste of earwax! Ear wax is said to have a unique salty taste which is apparently different in every dog.

So, your dog might just be curious about what ear wax tastes like. Just like babies, dogs explore the world by using their mouths and noses, which might explain their enthusiasm for licking ears.


Another reason why dogs might lick each other's ears is that they respect each other and appreciate the bond of friendship that exists between them. Similarly, when a dog licks a human's ears, he might be showing his owner respect and love and conveying the bond he feels with his human.

To Protect His Fellow Companion

Dogs share a very strong connection and can sense when something is wrong. If one pup is suffering from a medical condition, for example, a heat stroke, another dog might lick his ears to provide comfort and prevent him from getting unconscious.

If you notice that your dogs are excessively licking each other, especially when the temperature rises, take necessary steps to keep them hydrated and fresh.

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Helpful in Detecting Ear Infections

When dogs develop an ear infection, they emit a foul odor that they can sense thanks to their strong sense of smell. Even if you see no visible signs and symptoms of the infection, dogs can detect them and may try to clean them out by licking the ears.

This may sound gross, but these infections produce yeasts, and your dog might be attracted to the smell and taste. If you notice that your dog starts excessively licking your other dog's ears, consider taking them to the vet for a quick check-up.

How Can You Stop Or Minimize This Behavior?

If the ear licking behavior reaches unhealthy limits, you can minimize this behavior by distracting them with the help of their beloved toys or simply by some dog treats. You can give your dog treats when they do not lick the other dog's ears for a long time. If the behavior persists, you can head down to your local pet shop and find some bitter-tasting sprays that can be sprayed on your dog's ears so they stop licking each other.


The Key Takeaway

If your dogs are licking each other's ears, know that this is completely normal. They do this as a sign of love, respect, or even to show that they miss each other or are excited to see each other.

Sometimes, it may be a sign of something a bit serious. So, we hope that you found all the answers you were looking for in this post, and you are now aware of what you can do if you think this licking situation is getting out of hand.

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