Everybody needs a little throne time each day. However, as dog owners know, your furry friend doesn’t like to give you alone time while you’re there. After all, royalty deserves an audience!

Of course, dogs don’t care about thrones or audiences, so why does your dog follow you into the bathroom? There are actually a few reasons why.

Pack Mentality

Dogs are not built to be alone. Thousands of years ago before being domesticated by humans, dogs ran in packs. Street dogs around the world still do.

Even though many things have changed for domestic dogs, they still retain that desire for companionship. Some dogs have a stronger instinct than others. If you have one of the infamous “velcro dogs” you know this better than most.

They simply want to be near you always and don’t care where you are.


Another infamous dog trait is their curiosity. They get into everything simply because they want to see what it is. They don’t care about the resulting mess their curiosity could provoke, which is why you end up cleaning up so many catastrophes around your home.

When you go into another room, especially a place where you spend a lot of time, they’re curious about what you’re doing. Even if they never get the answer to their question, they still get to spend more time with you so that’s good enough for them!

Positive Reinforcement

Dogs love attention and they probably get some of it every time you go into the bathroom. So they’ll keep coming because they’re getting something they want.

Whether you chat with your dog, pet him, or even reprimand him to get him to leave, you’re giving him attention. That positive reinforcement will keep him coming back time after time.

Standing Guard

Animals are at their most vulnerable when doing their business. Have you ever noticed your dog makes somewhat uncomfortable eye contact with you while doing his business? He’s trusting you to watch his back while he’s in that vulnerable position.

Some dogs may follow you into the bathroom to be your guard while you’re doing your business. They may appear to be snoozing, but in reality, they’re ready to vanquish whatever threat might suddenly appear.

Separation Anxiety

While it’s nice to be loved and appreciated, some dogs develop an unhealthy attachment to their owners. Their separation anxiety is so intense that they can’t even let the bathroom door come between the two of you!

If that seems to be the case for your dog, it’s best to seek professional help. While the constant companionship is nice, your dog should also have the capacity to be away from you. It isn’t healthy for them and means that they are suffering any time you are away from home.

What to Do if You Don’t Like the Company

Dogs may not be aware of what you’re doing on that weird chair full of water. They certainly don’t care that you’re just chilling with your pants down.

Whatever their reason for following you to the bathroom, they aren’t little perverts.

Regardless, not everyone enjoys an audience while on their throne.  After all, while dogs may enjoy the company while doing their business, humans aren’t quite built the same.

No worries, there are a few simple solutions to keep your dog outside the bathroom door.

Close the Door

The easiest one is to close the door when you enter the bathroom. The physical barrier will force your dog to stay outside.

Of course, this doesn’t always work. Frustrated by the wall that has come between you, your dog might sit outside the door and cry. Or they might run off and find something to tear up either out of boredom or bad behavior.

Or you just might feel bad about shutting the door in their face.

Redirect Their Attention

If something more than the door is needed, you can use the opportunity as a training session. Teach your dog the command to stay (preferably when you’re not indisposed).

Once he’s got the idea, you can tell him to sit and stay outside the door while you go in. When you come out, praise him liberally. Some dogs get so excited about pleasing you, and the attention that comes with it, that they will wait patiently outside the door for however long it takes.

Of course, other dogs will not patiently sit there. At least not at first. Try giving them a toy or a little treat to enjoy before you go into the bathroom. Again, plenty of pets when you come out will reinforce the behavior to wait for you outside.

Your Dog Loves You!

Whatever their reason for following you to your throne, you can rest assured your dog loves you. And that is most certainly not a bad thing!