After the pandemic scared off Americans from celebrating Halloween, the holiday is back in pre-COVID fashion. While giving out candy is our primary way to enjoy the day, about 20% take it one step further with dressing up their pets. While pumpkins are the favorite theme, a dog bear costume is just as cute.

If you’re thinking about this one, you’re in luck. We have some fun options that will put your pup on the shortlist for the best Halloween costume.

Pandaloon Walking Teddy Bear Dog Costume

The Pandaloon Walking Teddy Bear Dog Costume is about as adorable as it gets. The name of the product is appropriate on so many scores. It is a walking style, which means you only have to get it on your pup’s front paws and head. It gives your pet a little more wiggle room to wear it. It comes in six sizes to fit almost any pet. It’s comfortable and doesn’t chaff.

dog in teddy bear halloween costume

Frisco Front Walking Teddy Bear Dog

The Frisco Front Walking Teddy Bear Dog Costume is another riff on the walking style with shorter legs and covered paws. The polyester material is soft against your pet’s skin. It’s also adjustable to ensure the proper fit. You can still use it with a leash, making it an excellent choice for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

dog in teddy bear halloween costume

Grizzly Bear Zoo Snood

Sometimes, less is more, which is precisely our impression of the Grizzly Bear Zoo Snood. It’s an excellent choice if your pup doesn’t like things on his back or if you live in a warmer climate. It comes in three sizes and has a lot of give for a snug but comfortable fit. It’s also a good option if the weather is nippy and you want to keep your dog’s ears warm. We love its classic look that screams fall.

bull dog wearing a snood on his head that looks like teddy bear ears

Rubie’s Store Walking Teddy Bear Pet Costume

The Rubie’s Store Walking Teddy Bear Pet Costume takes this theme to the next level with its gingham fabric lining the ears and dressing up the tie. That gives it a cozy country look that we loved. It works best with dogs that aren’t long-legged because of the close fit on the legs. The company is USA-based with a long history of outfitting pets.

dog in tan teddy bear costume

WOSLXM Teddy Bear Dog Costume Fleece Hoodie

The WOSLXM Teddy Bear Dog Costume Fleece Hoodie is a Halloween outfit that can transcend the seasons and become a winter staple for your pup. It works well if your pet tolerates wearing stuff on his body. The zipper makes it adjustable to your pup’s size and the weather conditions. The leg length is essential for the proper fit, making it necessary to measure your dog.

WOSLXM Teddy Bear Dog Costume Fleece Hoodie

DIY Bear Dog Costume

Of course, you can always make your DIY bear costume to make the design your own. The standout advantage is the custom fit. As you’ve seen, many options have a small size range. It also allows you to select the materials that work best for your pup and the conditions.

A quick way to make a costume is to repurpose a stuffed animal. Teddy bears are popular toys, so you shop around to find the one that works best for your pet. Begin with measuring your dog. You’ll need to know these figures for your pup:

  • Neck
  • Neck to Base of Tail
  • Chest or Girth
  • Leg Length and Diameter

Your other option is to start with a pattern for a stuffed animal. You can use the measurements you’ve taken to make the necessary adjustments. It’s also an affordable costume that can be a real timesaver if your pet fits the size.

Materials to use for the costume include felt for the nose and ears. For the bulk of the outfit, faux lambswool, sherba, faux fleece, or cotton make it extra comfy so that your dog may not mind wearing it for a while. Of course, there are so many pictures that you’ll have to take. The best thing about going this route is that you can customize it with monograms or other features so your pup can make a statement.

Final Thoughts

Walking costumes are the way to go to get the look across without hindering your pet’s movement. Our picks show how cute they can be.

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