While it may not be in the top ten, we love the idea of a cowboy dog costume because it’s so versatile. You can dress up your pup as a no-nonsense tough guy, aka Jesse James. Or you can go the cuter route with a rendition of Woody from the movie “Toy Story.”

The possibilities don’t end there. You can go with something simple like just a cowboy hat on your pup. You can also take it to the next level, complete with chaps and the whole nine yards! You can even dress up the kids the same way and have an entire posse. Either way, your dog is sure to be the hit of the party.

Cowboy Dog Costumes

Frisco Front Walking Cowboy Dog Costume

The Frisco Front Walking Cowboy Dog Costume is sure to get some laughs with its red kerchief and cowhide champs. The kicker is the fake arms on the sides, making your pup look like the real deal. Of course, the walk-in costume also includes an adjustable hat. The best thing about it is that it’s machine-washable so that you can pull it out next year.

small white dog in cowboy halloween costume

WORDERFUL Cowboy Rider Style Dog Costume

If the WORDERFUL Cowboy Rider Style Dog Costume doesn’t make you chuckle, you better take your pulse. This one is absolutely hilarious. It attaches around your pup’s neck and chest for a secure fit. The polyester figure comes in four adjustable sizes. As the manufacturer suggests, it’s probably best used with smaller dogs because of its size. Make sure and have your camera ready!

WORDERFUL Cowboy Rider Style Dog Costume

Yewong Pet Cowboy Costume

The Yewong Pet Cowboy Costume lets you dress up your dog with your choice of nine different kerchief-hat combos for the look you want. The set is a one-size-fits-all option, with an adjustable chin strap on the hat to get the right fit. You can tie the bandana in any way that works for your pup. The latter is machine-washable.

golden retriever wearing a cowboy dog costume for halloween

Mikayoo Dog Cowboy Costume

The Mikayoo Dog Cowboy Costume is about as cute as it gets. The step-in outfit is adjustable to get a secure fit. We love the pattern, complete with the red kerchief, sheriff’s badge, and jeans. The polyester costume fits true to size. It is hand washable only. It comes in four sizes. Just be sure to measure your pet accurately.

cowboy dog costume

POPETPOP Dog Cowboy Hat

The POPETPOP Dog Cowboy Hat is about as simple as it gets to make a statement. The material is denim, which is soft yet durable. An adjustable chin strap allows you to get the right fit for your pet. It’s not a large hat, measuring less than 8 inches wide and 2.75 inches high. That makes it suitable for dogs of all sizes.

DIY Cowboy Dog Costume

Getting a hat and kerchief for your pup is an excellent start for a DIY cowboy dog costume. Even if your pet isn’t keen about wearing stuff, he’ll likely tolerate these two pieces without any problems. You can complete the look with a t-shirt made for dogs or use a child’s one. You can add the finishing touches with a badge, holster, and toy gun to make it the real deal.

Final Thoughts

A cowboy dog costume is a classic choice for Halloween. As you’ve seen, you can have lots of fun with it, too. The final Halloween accessory you'll need for your dog is a Fi GPS smart collar. Fi allows you to track your dog's Halloween walks, view their location if they run off too far, and even has a built-in LED light for nighttime visibility. Trick or treating with your dog has never been safer! You can even upgrade the collar band to one of these festive halloween collars.