Americans are gearing up to celebrate the year’s scariest holiday, Halloween. According to the National Retail Federation, spending will likely top $10 billion this year, with pet costumes on the list of must-haves. Classic favorites, such as pumpkins and witches, are fun outfits. Rounding up the eerie choices in the dog skeleton costume, sure to turn some heads.

Fun Express Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Dog Costume

The Fun Express Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Dog Costume is a full-size outfit, complete with a skull hood with openings for your pet’s ears. The pattern is simple but spooktacular. Of course, it glows in the dark to make it extra scary on a dark Halloween evening. Just be sure to leave it out in the light before you put it on your pet.

golden retriever puppy wearing a skeleton dog hoodie

Zoey’s Attic Dog Halloween Shirt

The Zoey’s attic Dog Halloween Shirt adds some spooky fun to your holiday celebration with its Bad to the Bone tagline. The costume fits over your pet’s body with no hood. The fit is snug to make sure it stays on your pup. You can get it personalized with your pet’s name, too. The shirt is machine-washable and comes in seven sizes.

Hyde & EEK! Boutique Skelton Dog Hoodie

The Hyde & EEK! Boutique Skelton Dog Hoodie is an adorable twist on this scary theme. It’s well-made with openings for your pup’s legs and a hook-and-loop closure for a snug fit. The polyester material is soft and sure to keep your pet warm on a chilly Halloween evening of fun and scares. The design is fun, too, and of course, it glows in the dark.

dog and cat wearing skeleton halloween costumes

Casual Canine Glow Bones Dog Skeleton Costume

The Casual Canine Glow Bones Dog Skeleton Costume differs from the previous products in that it’s meant for smaller pets only. It comes in two pieces, a shirt and cap with the bones detailed in glow-in-the-dark paint. It is made of cotton and is machine-washable. The drawing is more accurate than we’ve seen on other costumes, giving it a scarier touch.

dog wearing a skeleton dog costume

DroolingDog Pet Halloween T-Shirt

The DroolingDog Pet Halloween T-Shirt is a fun rendition of the skeleton theme, bringing candy corn into the mix. The cotton pullover has fitted openings for your pup’s legs and head. The product is well-made and fits accurately. It’s super-soft, too, to keep your pet snug and warm. It is machine-washable and comes in four sizes.

candy corn and skeleton dog costume

URATOT Pedgot Halloween Pet Pajamas

The URATOT Pedgot Halloween Pet Pajamas is a doggie onesie that can double as a costume for the holiday. The polyester outfit has a repeating skull-and-crossbones design. The pajamas go down about three-quarters on your pup’s legs. However, the fit is loose and non-binding. It comes in three sizes.

small brown dog at home, wearing skeleton dog pajamas

Rubies Skeleton Dog Bandana

The Rubies Skeleton Dog Bandana is an excellent choice if your pup doesn’t like wearing clothing. This one cuts to the chase without the fuss of an elaborate costume. Just tie it around your dog’s neck. It hangs down over your pet’s chest with the skeleton pattern on the front.  It comes in two sizes and is hand washable.


DIY Dog Skeleton Costume

Of course, part of the fun of Halloween is making your own costume. You can do the same for your pet, too. You can use a black t-shirt or onesie as your base. Applique bones sewn onto the fabric can complete the look. Alternatively, you can paint them on the material. You can go as detailed or simple as you like. We think going the latter route is more fun. Just be sure to use glow-in-the-dark pieces.

You can skip the clothing and cut to the chase with non-toxic paint if you have a black dog. If your pup will sit still long enough, you can draw the bones directly on his coat. We suggest sticking to places where it’s hard for your dog to reach so that he doesn’t lick off the paint before everyone gets to see his costume.

Final Thoughts

A dog skeleton costume is an ideal choice for celebrating the holiday. You can go as simple as you like or even paint the bones directly on your pet.

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