You have to laugh at the thought of dressing up your pup in a dog tiger costume. We love the irony of it. Perhaps that explains why cats are among the top ten choices for pet costumes! Your pup is sure to be the hit of the party. You might even consider dressing up as one, too, to make it a couple’s costume.

Our Favorite Dog Tiger Costumes

Bootique Fierce Feline Pet Costume

The Bootique Fierce Feline Pet Costume is sure to cause an uproar with its cute tiger headpiece and striped shirt. It’s a one-piece design, with a loose-fitting strap with a hook-and-loop closure over your pup’s belly. The tiger face is adorable, which makes this costume even cuter. It comes in eight sizes to fit almost any pet.

beagle in a tiger halloween costume

Hyde & EEK! Boutique Tiger Dog Costume

The Hyde & EEK! Boutique Tiger Dog Costume is about as cute as it gets. It’s a full-body style, complete with a tail. It has a separate headpiece with openings for your pup’s ears. A velcro closure ensures a secure and snug fit. The legs go down about three-quarters and are loose-fitting for comfort. It comes in six sizes.

brown dog wearing an orange tiger halloween costume

Rubie's Costume Company Tigger Dog Costume

The Rubie's Costume Company Tigger Dog Costume made us laugh out loud. We think you’ll find it just as fun as we did. It has a step-in design to make it easier to put on your pup. The striped shirt lies about halfway down your dog’s back, complete with a tail. A separate headpiece has an adjustable drawstring closure. It comes in seven sizes.

small brown and black dog wearing a tiger halloween costume

Doggo Swag Style Tiger Print Dog Hoodie

The Doggo Swag Style Tiger Print Dog Hoodie is a stylish twist on a pet costume that your pup can wear year-round. It’s handmade with fleece for extra comfort and warmth. The hoodie covers your pet’s front legs with black trim on the bottoms. The shirt portion lies flat on his back. It is machine-washable and comes in six sizes.

orange and black tiger print hoodie for dogs

SweetPetGarden Tiger Dog Costume

The SweetPetGarden Tiger Dog Costume is a full-body design that will cover all four of your pup’s legs with comfy velvet-polyester material. It has a hood with ears and an attached tail. It is durable, yet it is lightweight for comfort. We thought it looked adorable. The costume is also machine-washable and comes in five sizes.

small white dog wearing a tiger costume

Lion Zoo Snood

While it’s not a tiger, the Lion Zoo Snood is still adorable and plays on that fun theme of dressing up your pup as a feline. This one is just the mane, making it a simple handmade costume that makes a big statement. The yard headpiece is soft with lots of give for a comfortable fit. We love its whimsical look. It comes in three sizes and is machine-washable.

Lion Zoo Snood

DIY Dog Tiger Costume

Making your own and your pet’s Halloween costume is part of the fun of the holiday. If your dog doesn’t like wearing clothes, you can still dress up your pup as a tiger using non-toxic paints made specifically for pets. You can draw the stripes or create the entire look. These products are safe, even if your pup licks them off his coat. You can remove the paint by bathing your dog when the party’s over.

If your pet doesn’t mind dressing up, you can make a tiger costume using an orange t-shirt, onesie, or hoodie. You can use a black marker to draw the stripes. A piece of felt wrapped around foam will work well as a tail once you’ve decorated it. Then, sew it to the back of the shirt, and your pup is ready to roar! The great thing about this option is that your dog can use it year-round.

Final Thoughts

A dog tiger costume is a perfect way to celebrate the party and give everyone a laugh or two in the process. The final Halloween accessory you'll need for your dog is a Fi GPS smart collar. Fi allows you to track your dog's Halloween walks, view their location if they run off too far, and even has a built-in LED light for nighttime visibility. Trick or treating with your dog has never been safer! You can even upgrade the collar band to one of these festive halloween collars.