The viral DTC smart dog collar company has broadened its customer touchpoints through rollout with nation’s largest specialty pet retailer

NEW YORK, NY, December 2, 2021 Fi, the smart dog technology company, today announced its expansion into physical retail with PetSmart, the largest specialty pet retailer in the United States, through a rollout in 250 stores nationwide. The company has already proven tremendous DTC success in the flourishing $100B+ pet industry such that the average American is less than 2 miles away from a Fi collar.

Right in time for this year’s earlier-than-ever holiday shopping rush, Fi’s award-winning smart collar is now available in select PetSmart stores from coast to coast. Locations range from Opelika, Alabama to Fresno, California; from Naples, Florida to Dallas, Texas.

Fi Display in New York City

“We’re proud to integrate with Fi to move forward our shared vision of empowering pet parents to be the best that they can be,” said Jennifer Helman, Senior Director at PetSmart. “Whether our customers are shopping for themselves or seeking a purposeful gift for the dog-lover in their lives, many of them now have the chance to learn more about Fi’s location and health tracking for dogs at a PetSmart near them.”

"We’re excited to partner with PetSmart, a brand that is known and loved by millions of pet parents, and significantly expand where we connect with customers,” said Jonathan Bensamoun, Founder and CEO of Fi. “While Fi’s magic takes place largely in our software, the collar’s sleek design gets a unique chance to shine in the brick-and-mortar retail experience.”

Fi and PetSmart are two pet-first brands at the forefront of the societal shift wherein dogs in nation’s households have become family members rather than possessions. This trend, combined with the pandemic boom of new pet parents, has the pet market poised to triple within the decade.

Fi is excited to expand its retail channels and offer widespread access for dog parents who seek to keep their pets safe and healthy.


About Fi

Founded by Jonathan Bensamoun (Square) and Loren Kirkby (Dropcam, Google/Nest) in 2017, Fi builds cutting-edge technology to elevate the relationship between dog parents and their dogs. Since launching the first LTE-M enabled GPS tracking collar in 2019, Fi has empowered millions of dog parents with insights about their dogs’ whereabouts and behavior. Allowing dog owners to locate their dogs from anywhere in the world, Fi has saved thousands of dogs' lives by providing real-time escape notifications and accurate GPS tracking to dog parents. The Fi smart collar also enables parents to monitor the health of their dogs and compare their activity to other dogs on the Fi network. With Fi, dog parents make sure their best friends live their best lives.


Lucy Luneva, PR Manager, Fi