The Fi smart dog collar already allows owners to track their dogs’ location and activity from anywhere, now it offers sleep tracking.

NEW YORK, NY, July 22, 2021 Fi, the smart dog technology company, today announced the release of the first ever sleep tracker for dogs. Millions of dog parents nationwide can now make critical decisions for their pet’s health based on their sleeping and resting patterns.

Leveraging its world-class combination of hardware and software, Fi monitors dogs’ usual downtime behaviors, from nightly sleep to nap time during the day and informs users of any deviation from other dogs on Fi’s network across the United States.

Just like for humans, sleep is critical for dogs’ health and serves as a strong indicator of new health issues. With Fi’s combination of location, sleep and fitness tracking, owners can instantly identify red flags around their pet’s health — like a sudden decrease in activity or interrupted sleep pattern — and make important, early health decisions for their dog.

“Sleep is incredibly important for dogs and an early indicator of issues, such as if your dog is getting up throughout the night to drink more,” said Dr. Jeff Werber, Fi Veterinary Consultant and Emmy award-winning veterinarian. “Owners can’t notice because they’re asleep, but now Fi can ring the alarm bell should the need arise.”

"We are excited to move into holistic health tracking that empowers dog parents to take the best possible care of their pets,” said Jonathan Bensamoun, Founder and CEO of Fi. “If your dog is tired, it can’t tell you, so Fi will. Fi can answer critical questions like, ‘Is my pet sleeping the right way?’ or ‘Did its activity levels decrease lately?’ long before more serious issues have time to develop.”

Fi is bringing advanced technology to a space where well-designed, intuitive products previously did not exist. With recent senior tech hires from Google, Amazon, and Uber, the company is constantly improving its smart dog collar and app to stay at the forefront of technological innovation for dog owners, including the 11 million Americans who adopted pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fi rolled out sleep tracking as the latest feature that enables responsible dog ownership and long, healthy lives for American pets.


About Fi

Founded by Jonathan Bensamoun (Square) and Loren Kirkby (Dropcam, Google/Nest) in 2017, Fi builds cutting-edge technology to elevate the relationship between dog parents and their dogs. Since launching the first LTE-M enabled GPS tracking collar in 2019, Fi has empowered millions of dog parents with insights about their dogs’ whereabouts and behavior. Allowing dog owners to locate their dogs from anywhere in the world, Fi has saved thousands of dogs' lives by providing real-time escape notifications and accurate GPS tracking to dog parents. The Fi smart collar also enables parents to monitor the health of their dogs and compare their activity to other dogs on the Fi network. With Fi, dog parents make sure their best friends live their best lives.