Having a super active puppy means you must be ready to match their energy levels to cope with them. Such dogs don't get tired quickly and can be challenging to walk around or stay with. Most puppies have high energy levels, which can be attributed to their high curiosity.

When you’re not careful with such a dog, they can destroy valuables within the home. So, how do you prevent this? There are various ways to tire out your puppy the right way. Read on!

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Take Your Puppy on Long Walks

When your dog can't keep calm the whole day, engage them in long walks. You can take your puppy to the dog park for stimulation. Allow the dog to play and interact with the other dogs without the leash on. Going to the park helps your dog socialize and makes them eager to meet their friends.

Train your dog to sniff to learn different scents when walking to the park. Sniffing exercises keep their minds engaged as they try to figure out different scents. Doing this will help them relax whenever you are relaxed.

Alternatively, you can walk to the beach or water. The waves at the beach can keep your pup entertained as they splash on the water. Additionally, the negative ions from the ocean will help the dog relax and be happy.

Train Your Puppy to Stay Calm

Another way to tire your dog is to train them to stay calm. You can do this whenever the puppy is whining for your attention. Only pay attention to the dog after staying calm, and ignore them when they show a lot of energy around you.

But after they calm down, reward or praise them. Don't forget to use commands like ‘sit down’ or "lie"’ to develop better behavior. Remember, it's easier for the puppy to understand and change behavior when still young.


Introduce Various Indoor Games and Toys

You can also keep your puppy busy with games and different toys all day long. Games like food puzzles will keep your dog stimulated and entertained, making them stay calm in one position. Hide and seek encourages the dog to be active and capable of recalling different spots around the house. Have one person hold the dog while you hide, then let them search for you.

Also, introduce new tricks after a few days to tire the dog faster. When the dog does well in any game, reinforce the good deed to make them look forward to such moments. When not around the house, put their toys in their favorite relaxing spot. Then track their movement through the Fi smart collar.

You can buy your dog toys like the Hyper Pet Doggie Tail, which makes noise and jumps around as your pup chases it around. Alternatively, you can stuff the puppy kong with some treats to keep the dog entertained. A squeaky ball keeps your dog engaged as they chase after it.

Use Different Routes When Going for Daily Walks

You also need to keep your dog engaged mentally by teaching him different routes. Doing this will make them more adventurous as they will discover new things and scents. When on other streets, learn new things your puppy doesn't know and give them a unique experience.

You can take them to the nearby train station on that route. Help the puppy have a positive experience on each route and give them treats to boost their confidence.

Engage the Dog With Vigorous Exercises

When you have a super active dog, introduce different physical exercises at various times of the day. Physical activities will tire them faster and allow them to keep calm.

You can introduce:

Chasing Bubbles

Letting your dog chase the bubbles is another way to tire them faster and easier. When your dog loves doing this, it will get excited whenever you go to make the bubbles. However, if your puppy doesn't know, this game teaches them to start chasing the bubbles.

Introduce countable bubbles and encourage your dog to chase them. You can catch some bubbles to let them know how the game goes. You can use the bubbles for kids or buy them from reputable online shops. But ensure your dog doesn't ingest them, as it can lead to stomach irritation.

Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is a long rope with a lure on the edge. You should move the rod around to make the lure move, prompting your dog to go after it. The physical exercise will engage your dog mentally, as they have to calculate their movements to avoid destroying things. Additionally, your puppy gets tired of running after the lure, which makes them relax after the chase.

Playing With the Hose

You can engage your puppy in physical play by pouring water from the hose on them. Run the water in different directions to keep the dog moving. But be careful to avoid spraying the water in their ears.


You can also train your puppy to catch a Frisbee to keep them physically engaged. All you have to do is throw the frisbee and let your dog run after it. But be careful, as the traditional frisbee can injure your dog if they have not mastered catching it. Start by tossing the frisbee at a short distance to encourage them to go after it.

Tug of War

You can also let your dog play tug of war. If you don't have other puppies, you will be their playmate. Teach them to pull the rope without digging their teeth into your skin. Whenever your puppy tries biting, stop the game and make it a lasting rule. You can teach your dog not to bite before playing this game.

Enroll Your Pup in a Socialization Program

Enrolling your puppy in a dog-friendly socialization facility can help them calm down. While there, the dog undergoes certain programs with puppies that have not been fully vaccinated. The program teaches your puppy how to socialize and develop a calm personality.

Create a Dog Meet-Up in Your Neighborhood

If your neighbors have puppies, encourage them to bring them out for a meet-up. When young or new puppies interact with older ones, they learn new tricks. After the interactions, the pup will be exhausted and unwilling to move around.

Bottom Line

Puppies older than six months tend to be super active and cause trouble when not under the owner's watch. When you have such an active pup, the best thing to do is to tire them out. Introduce vigorous games that will leave them too tired to move around.

Alternatively, you can take them on strolls to the dog park or the beach to relax their minds. If you have neighbors with dogs, create a meet-up session for them to interact and learn new tricks. With determination, you can come up with countless ways to tire out your lovely puppy and create a calm environment for both of you.

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