Portland is a fun, unique city… And they LOVE dogs! Check out all of the tons of dog-friendly things there are to do in Portland, OR.

What Can I Do with My Dog in Portland?

What Can I Do with My Dog in Portland?

Portland is known for keeping things “weird” and unique, for being hipsters, and DIYers. But did you know that it’s also an extremely dog-friendly city? Portland loves dogs, and they want to make sure you and your pooch feel welcomed everywhere you go. So check out these top dog-friendly places to go and things to do in Portland.

Are Dogs Allowed in Restaurants in Portland?

Ready for some delicious, unique cuisine? Well, Portland is the place for it! And you’re lucky enough to be able to bring your pup along with you to many different restaurants, bars, cafes, and coffee shops. Here’s just a few of our top favorites.

1. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company

Lucky Labrador has three locations, and is one of the most popular dog-friendly eateries in Portland. This bar and restaurant serves a variety of beers, pub foods, and other great cocktails. Make sure to check out their annual “Dogtoberfest.” It’s a dog-washing event with beer, food, and live music to help raise money for the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

Lucky Labrador Brewing Company

2. Roadside Attraction

A Roadside Attraction is a dog-friendly bar that gets its name from its unique and quirky atmosphere. The inside of the bar is decorated with eclectic antique furniture. And the outdoor patio is cozy and sunny with tons of plants and an old woodfire stove. Dogs are allowed to sit outside on the patio with you while you enjoy some great food and drinks with friends.

3. Pizza Jerk

Dogs and pizza, need we say more? They have a large dog-friendly outdoor patio, so your pup can join you for lunch or dinner! Just prepare yourself for some major puppy dog eyes staring up at you wanting a piece of the pie.

What are the Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Portland?

There are more than enough pet-friendly hotels in Portland, OR. The big thing to watch for is whether or not they charge a pet fee, and if they have limitations on the numer, size, or type of pet you want to bring. Here’s a few pet-friendly hotels we’ve found for you that don’t charge pet fees for the first two pets you bring.

1. The Kimpton Hotel

The Kimpton Hotel always goes above and beyond with their pet-friendliness. They don’t charge a pet fee for the first two pets. And you can bring cats and/or dogs of any size. Kimpton provides your furbabies with pet mats, bowls, litter boxes, treats, and plush pet beds.


2. Dossier Hotel

The Dossier Hotel won’t charge any pet fees for the first two pets that you bring. And they will provide you with pet bowls and pet beds. Cats are not allowed, but large dogs are. And as long as your pups are well-behaved, they are allowed to stay in the rooms unattended.

3. La Quinta Inn

La Quinta Inn is a great option for a budget-friendly and pet-friendly hotel. They don’t charge any pet fees for the first two pets, and there’s no limitation on the size of pets you bring. If you bring more than two pets, it’s just a $20 charge for each additional animal. And you can bring both cats and dogs.

Are Dogs Allowed in Portland Parks?

YES! Because Portland loves dogs, your pup is allowed at any park, as long as they are on-leash, and you clean up their waste. But let’s take a look into some of the off-leash dog parks where your furball can let out all that extra energy. And if you’re worried about your dog running off, you can try out the Fi Smart Dog Collar to keep track of your pup’s location at all times.

1. Mt. Tabor Park

Mt. Tabor Park is about 200 acres in size, and has an off-leash area that is 4 acres. This dog park area has a water station, restrooms, and picnic tables. But keep in mind that it’s not completely fenced-in, so make sure to keep an eye on your pup. Mt. Tabor Park also has a play area, two reservoirs, a volcano, and tons of dog-friendly, outdoor events.

Are Dogs Allowed in Portland Parks?

2. Sellwood Riverfront Park

Sellwood Riverfront Park has an off-leash dog area that is 1.5 acres. You’ll need to bring your own water and waste bags for your pup. But this riverfront dog park is a great place for dogs who love to swim because of its dog-friendly beach access. Plus you and your dog will both love the serene river views.

3. Fernhill Park

Fernhill Park is a popular 26-acre park for runners. And it provides 4 acres of off-leash play for dogs. It’s not fenced-in, so you’ll need to keep an eye on your pooch. But there’s plenty of room to run and play. The dog park area has shade trees, and hills to run up and down. Or you can walk your dog on-leash through the other trails of Fernhill Park.

4. Chimney Park

Chimney Park is over 18 acres in size. And this park offers a completely fenced-in, off-leash area for dogs within it. This park has grass, wood chips, and some paved areas. There are water stations for your pup, as well as shade trees and benches provided. And you can even take your pooch for a walk on the loop trail.

Dog-Friendly Portland

Now that you’ve seen how dog-friendly Portland really is, are you ready to visit or move here? This vibrant city has a lot to offer. And they are ready with open arms to invite you and your furry best friend to join this crazy, fun culture.

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