The end of 2020 absolutely warrants celebration, so it’s time to prepare for a New Years firework show like we’ve never seen. It’s no secret that dogs fear the sound of fireworks, and can often sense them before they even start.

In order to keep our dogs safe this week, it’s important to be prepared and know what to expect. When fireworks start, your dog will seek safety in uncommon places - in the laundry basket, under the bed, or if they’re able, escape through the door. The most important factor in a dog’s recovery is the speed at which you are notified of an escape. Fi is the fastest, most accurate way to be notified on your phone when your dog escapes, and where to find them if they do.

It’s important to be proactive in ways to keep your dog safe ahead of firework season. For Fi users, remember to:

  • Make sure your Fi collar is fully charged before the festivities begin in your neighborhood.
  • Prepare a quiet, dimly-lit, escape-proof area in the home for your dog to ‘shelter’ in - this may include a space at the back of your closet or in a dark area away from windows or doors.
  • Be sure to put your pup’s favorite blanket or bed in the dedicated area, and surround the area with comforting familiar scents so they feel extra secure should they seek shelter.

The Fi Collar also comes equipped with an LED light you can activate from the Fi app, should your dog have found a dark place to shelter within the home so you can easily spot them whether they are under the bed, in the closet, or elsewhere avoiding the sight and sound of fireworks.

Click here for the ASPCA’s full list of firework safety tips.